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Have you ever been so discouraged in your business that it was just paralizing?  ...a dark place when you realized what you're doing isn't working and you feel like you just can't go on?

I was SO touched by this email I received from Lisa.  I felt compelled to share it with the BN community and so with Lisa's permission, matter of fact, her urging, I'm doing just that.

Lisa and I have talked a number of times since she first came to me for mentoring and particularly she's had concerns about her own business stagnating after working at it for so many years.

The old school methods have simply quit working for her and produce mediocre results at best.

She recently recieved an email from her upline that really got her down. 

I'd like to share the thread of our conversation and allow you to come to your own conclusions...


Hey Randy,

How did the video go?  I was wondering where you were going to post it? Twitter? 

(I'm making a video to teach folks how to get followers on Twitter really FAST!  I'm progressing slowly, as I've not done a lot of this yet, but it's always fun to venture into new territory!  I want it to be REALLY GOOD and I'm probably being too picky.  Anyhow, her email continues... )

Hey, I got an email from my upline stating that there is good momentum going on in our area on his team and that other teams are also starting to move in and take over.  My current leadership has no plan or system to guide me along towards success that has actually worked, like what you've shown me.  I guess I just need to believe there is enough room for me to build differently and not the old way.  

I feel fear of loss not going out and talking to people on the streets like these people are doing.  Some are getting really good results and even making it into positions that I can't even get to after 6 yrs.  It almost seems that the failure rate is not as big as I thought it was.  However I have to remember so far this year no one has signed up with me the old way. It seems that these top leaders that are better mentors than mine are getting results with their people. I wish sometimes I was on another team that really cared and I would have had better success.
I guess I need to know that I will have some success putting in the work on line with mentoringforfree than doing it the old way?
I get in the middle of these cross roads and freeze.  I need to go forward really bad or I am not sure what I will do with my business if I don't.

Please let me know what you think.  Do you think getting on the call with Michael will really help?  I was really strong the past few days with all my mental cleansing.  I DO want to go forward.




Hey Lisa,

I can understand the struggle you're going through.  You put a lot up (money, time and heart) and it's going nowhere fast.... Been there, done that, wore that Tshirt out!

If you want to figure out how to fail at MLM just keep working it "old school" and you'll find that the same actions will just get you more of the same, but you and I both know that's not what you want.

I've had the integrity issue with leaders too and that really stinks!

You will find things turn for you as you say your self talk more and more every day.  "I'm having fun building a successful network marketing organization that rivals the success of the top performers in the industry. I'm successful because the universe is filled with abundance and I'm worthy of the abundance and happiness that the universe has to offer me..." ...and so on.  Whatever you decide your self talk is...

You've got to believe that you are worthy and you're on the right path too.  You are worthy of investing in YOU before you invest anymore into your business that is only invested in itself.

If you're getting all these yucky feelings about this, you've got to wonder why?

Honestly, they say anybody can succeed at MLM, but you've got to have the right recipe too.  ...and NOT all people can succeed at MLM done the old way.  I'm sure that many or most of the top leaders and achievers in MLM doing it the old way are probably red personalities and they don't have the heart you or I do as yellows, they don't think twice about walking all over folks and telling them whatever they need to for that next paycheck.  ...maybe not all, but too many are indeed that way.

You're right, the old way will not work for you...  It opposes your personality.  It's not your fault, but the old way of doing things seems wholly unnatural to a yellow, once they approach things with their thinking mind outside of the influence of hype.

Big talkers can candy coat everything to make it look "not as bad", but reality is, "where are the results all of their pep talks encourage you to chase after?"

You've got to know that you've got the right stuff now and you've got people that are going to be there for you when you need to know what the next step is.  Like Juanita said, you may feel like you're a one right now, but with a mastermind alliance as your teammates and mentors, you can be a ten!

The answer is YES a phone call with Michael really will help.  Bring all your questions, your doubts, your concerns to him and he has had enough experience in this industry over the years, and trust me he's seen it all, he will know exactly the formula you need to come out on top.

The mental cleanse will be huge for you.  Stay plugged into that and everything else will add upon it and clarify, the steps you need not only in your business, but in your life, to achieve the kind of success you only dreamt of previously.

You are worthy of all of this by virtue of your existence Lisa.  Claim your rightful inheritance and do what it takes to see it manifest into physical reality.

You've got a good heart.  Give it the medicine it needs to be whole and healthy and you will have it all.  You will own your life!

I'm sure I could mess this up with a lot more words, but I hope you truly feel the message I'm trying to get across.

You deserve this and in my heart I think you've found what you're looking for.

Keep plugging along Lisa,  It's not always going to seem so hard, but maybe just a little while and the light at the end of the tunnel will begin to show.

I believe in you and know you can do whatever you put your mind too as long as you've got the right recipe for success and you're working with the right principles at your foundation.

Your Friend,

Randy Enman


Hi Randy,

AWESOME EMAIL!  Wow, you have made my day.  I am back to feeling on top of the world for conquering my own destiny. Thank you for being an inspiration and allowing me to come to you during some of my darkest hours.
 Just meeting you and really plugging in this week has already been life changing.  I am upbeat and have an unbelievable energy inside.  I have read your blogs, wrote to you, and talked personally with you many times, it is like I have always known you.  That's amazing to me.  You have inspired me to also do a lot of writing of my own by just replying to people on their blogs.  I even wrote my own.  I was always so afraid of doing this, what could I possibly say that would matter.  Like Juanita said, "It is not about me." If I could help someone hear something that helps them just a little, that is worth a lot.  So the answer to using the emails is "Of Course."  You should be proud of your writings. You really inspired me and I know you could inspire/help so many more. Therefore, you need to share it.

Thank you so much again,
Ps. I will be saving your letter so I can remind myself how I can inspire others.


I just want to finish up by saying that James Johnson, Juanita Waterman, Michael Dlouhy, Tom"Big Al" Schreiter, Ferny Ceballos, Teresa Gasparre, Lynn Jones, Mike Klingler and too many others to mention that I've been working with or touched by just lately, have truly taught me to lead with the heart of a servant and when you do that with other people as your main focus instead of YOU as your main focus, it can be life changing for both you AND the folks that want to work with you.

That's the bottom line message: LEAD WITH THE HEART OF A SERVANT! ...and the universe will lay its abundance at your very feet.  You DO have the power to help others out of their deepest, darkest, even scariest places into a life filled with light and abundance!  LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE!

God Bless and Abundant Success to all,

Randy Enman

PS: Call me directly anytime...435-823-3773



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I am privilaged to Know Randy and Lisa

And it is so nice to here those Words thank you.  Networkers are the Nicest People on the Planet when they do their job.  Focus on Helping People and Randy and Lisa you both have the Heart for this industry.  Just Take Action Everyday and Alow mistakes.  NOTHING IS PERFECT.  So just keep doing Your Job.  Till you find the People looking for you.

Your Dear Friend for life Juanita Waterman

Juanita Waterman — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 1:41pm

The Success Model

 This is an excerpt from my article, "Three Steps To Success."  Its on this forum.



The Success Model

As a child, you wanted something very badly:  To walk.

You then tried to do it, and failed.  Everyone fails.

But you tried it again. 

And failed again.

And tried it again, and failed again and again and again and again.

But one day, you succeeded.

This is how we learn everything:

  • We want something.
  • We try to get it.
  • We fail.
  • We try again.
  • We fail again.
  • We try and fail again and again…
  • Until we finally get what we want.

This strategy is lost as one gets older.  In school, we study a subject, get tested, and are given a grade – pass or fail.  Everyone exits school with a set of faulty beliefs based on how successful or unsuccessful they were. 

Have you ever thought things like this?

  • “I’m not any good at math.”
  • “I’m not an athlete.”
  • “I have no natural talent in this.”
  • “I have no coordination.”
  • “I’m not a good public speaker.”
  • “Computers are too complicated for me.”
  • “I have dyslexia and can’t learn.”

You should know that these ideas and attitudes and thoughts are all wrong!  They come from the pain of the failures we have had, but if we had continued on, we would have succeeded.    In fact, the system we live in (school, life, etc.) teaches us to fail.

Pain & Pleasure

An understanding of the success model is important.  Why do people quit? 

When you fail, you experience pain.  When this happens, your fight or flight mechanism kicks in, and your mind will search for a reason to quit.  If there is no logical reason, the mind will invent one.  These excuses will all sound very reasonable, but they are simply the mind lying to you so that you will stop trying to achieve your goals.

It is impossible to fail.

There are no failures – there are only quitters.  If one looks at the model of success

[goal – attempt – failure – repeat attempts until successful], it is really impossible to fail at anything!  So here is a question that you have probably never asked yourself: 

What would you do if it were impossible to fail?

As you will soon discover, success depends upon how you use your mind.


You need to concentrate on your DESIRE, BELIEF, and EXPECTANCY every day.  Then, when you fail, WITHHOLD JUDGEMENT.  Keep an eye on the target, and stop worrying about where you are.

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

Hope this is helpful to you. 

Mark O'Bannon :)


Mark O'Bannon — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 2:12pm

Giving without want!

We so often forget how easy it is to touch someones life.   
The Universe Awards you Abundantly when you Give Without Want.
If you practice this already, you’re miles ahead of most...
If this is new to you then give it a thought - it may change how you see the world and how the world sees you!


Daniela Riess — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 3:27pm

A True leader And Mentor

Blessed are those who find themselves in the companion of Randy for they shall lack no education nor guidiance in thier quest for success.We  have all been called to be a leader with a mentor and servant heart, many are called but few have made themselve available for that honourable position. randy I am happy seeing you occupying that seat.


Louis Redemption — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 4:06pm

If we could change the world just a little at a time...

 I always felt out of place, like no one really got me.  I would have to pretend I fit in but it really wasn't my truth.  My truth was helping, sharing, and caring about people because it was a natural thing to do.  I never understood getting to the top on someone elses expense or even being unkind to someone because it made me feel better about myself.  The greatest thing that has just happened to me is that I have met people who are so much like me.  There are finally more people surfacing everyday who think and care like me.  Let this be for real and let this be what we finally need now more than ever.  All this simply means is people caring, sharing and really liking each other for who they are.  Just a little at a time may be the answer to start shaping the world to be a better place.

Thanks to Randy, Juanita and so many more that share their lives at betternetworker.com with me.

There really seems to be a great trust and caring to help each other grow to their highest potential.

It has been a great experience getting to know all of you and thanks for letting me fit in.


Lisa Miller


Lisa Mller — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 4:25pm

Serving others

In my brief friendship with Randy, I have seen nothing but integrity, a servants heart and a desire to see others succeed.  I does our soul good when we genuinely want to help others attain something great in life that maybe they couldn't quite accomplish by themselves. 

In my brief experience in mlm marketing companies, I had not been able to find that group or team that wanted to do what I wanted to do.  Those people who believed in me and I in them and that had higher aspirations for their life like I did.  I knew how important it was to have a mastermind alliance, that it was essential to my success.  Well, I am happy to say when Randy introduced me to Mentoring For Free, I felt I had finally found the piece that was lacking.  I can say it in just a few words.  "They get me."

I love the positive energy, the support, the like mindedness to succeed and the desire to help without any agenda.

My hats off to the Mentoring For Free team. 

Thanks everyone!



lynnj (not verified) — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 6:00pm

Helping other the right way.

I am very Happy to be working with Randy.. He know's how to make you smile no matter what kind of day you have..  We always have a positive thinking going on as a team... Randy is a true leader and always has a worm heart no matter who it is with.. He takes the time to  be a mentor to who ever needs one.. If you have a Question he will stop what he is doing and help you right away.. So no matter what you have going on or need help we are one big family that will stop and help anyone with open arms.. So may all you Leaders open your heart to all who need help on  BN..



Your friend


Teresa GASPARRE — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 8:47pm

Randy, We need more Leaders Like You!

Thank you for being there to help the people that you help.  Your articles inspire me to be a better person.

Timothy C Burns


Timothy Burns — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 9:52pm

Responding to Mark Obannon and Lisa's comments

Mark, I really enjoyed your take about succeeding and failing. I had not ever heard it described quite that way before, at least to the extent you explained it. I have both succeeded and failed, and yes failing is painful but succeeding is great! Succeess is just the result of failing enough times to learn what doesn't work so we grow closer to what does work. I think I will keep your comments in mind to share with my organization, if you don't mind..

Lisa, I agree that being around like-minded people helps us get out of the gloom and doom we deal with in the world. Not many people understand the heart of an entrepreneur and a MLMer. Not many people are comfortable stepping out of their box and facing the unknown like a MLMer is known to do over and over.

I've appreciate the heart of those who want more from life than to settle for mediocre. To succeed in MLM though, we have to have an honest heart of serving in order to have lasting power. Those who are in it for themselves show their true colors and soon blow themselves out of the business. Those who truly serve stay because of the relationship they develop. That relationship helps them through tough times.

I enjoy the people on this BN site and the words of wisdom that gets passed around. People like us seem to flock together don't we? We seem to understand each other and know how to be uplifting when one of us suffers. What a blessing.  It doesn't seem to matter what business plan we use or whose group we are from, the attitudes, the spirit, and the uplifting words of  those who understand is worth more than any amount of silver or gold. 

Thank you all for your comments here and for your words of wisdom. 

Judith L. Sherman

Judith Sherman — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 11:12pm

I am priviledged...

... to have a mentor like you Randy. You are absolutely one of the funnies, motivated, and inspirational people I know. I love working with you!

Lisa, congrats on learning that it's "NOT YOUR FAULT" and that you can succeed in your business regardless of what your upline is doing!


Renee Scattergood — Mon, 03/30/2009 - 11:38pm

Lead from the front

Randy I think you know your job as a mentor and I'm glad you're serving the BN community well by example. Though we don't do business together, I can't help but endorse Juanita, "Networkers are the Nicest People on the Planet when they do their job."

Realize Your Greatness, Sandeep


Sandeep Nath — Tue, 03/31/2009 - 5:07am


Randy & Lisa you are displaying exactly the model of the MFF and how it works.  We are a team and together we get better and better each day.

Lisa, I also suffered a 'serious' setback over the week-end.  The opportunity that I was pinning my hpes on was shown to me to be unviable...its never going to work unless I am red and bringing people in ongoing.  That is not me and I never could do it.  I came online to find a different AND BETTER way!!  A way that will work for me.

You know all about the Mentoring model & recipe so I dont need to go into it.  But check out the article I have just posted: http://ad.vu/hq76  on my experience with Ch 5 of Napoleon Hill's teachings on specialized knowledge.  I think you will be blown away....well I was....but I'm French  LOL

Anyway my dears - all of you - I am so greateful each day for this program AND the fellowship AND the mentoring.  What a joyous journey we are on!!

Stick with us girl.

all the best

Rachel Cormier


Mission BC Canada

rc rc — Tue, 03/31/2009 - 11:08am

The Spirit of Giving


This was truly inspirational.

I am looking forward to following your contributions.

Thank you

McKenzie Leopold — Tue, 03/31/2009 - 11:13am

great article! :-)

Very inspiring to read Randy and Lisa!  I can relate to Lisa's email because it home as I was in her spot for the last 2 years.  But in dealing with whatever life threw at me concerning my family, I put my business goals/troubles aside until the turbulence cleared.  It was in talking with my sponsor, Claudette Keith, that I needed something better because I couldn't do the "old school way" of things either.  So Claudette and I contacted her Mentor, Judith May, and got our answers through Mentoring For Free.

Granted, I still feel there's nothing wrong with the "old school" way of doing things, because that's just another venue that works for those that it works well for.  Me personally, I don't fit in too much with it because I choose to be true to myself in only using what my skill sets are and fine tuning them until they work with ease.  When it's time to step out of my comfort zone and learn another way of doing what works according to my personality, I will be ready and willing and will succeed, therefore making the transition into something new smooth and seamless.  :-)

Way to go Randy and Lisa and those of you who have posted your comments.  :-)

Mary Leedy — Wed, 04/01/2009 - 12:38pm

Thank you So much to Mary,

Thank you So much to Mary, Mackenzie and all of you for your great support.

This is exactly how we put positive energy into motion!

Abundance and Prosperity in all good things,

Randy Enman

Randy Enman — Wed, 04/01/2009 - 12:45pm

It has to be Shared!

 Again thanks for everyone's support in my decision to get involved with mentoringforfree and finally owning my own life.  I keep plugging in, listening and reading everyday to what all of you have to say as well as the 30 day mental cleanse.  In just one week, I have changed before my own eyes.  I have been happier and more positive about what I am becoming.  

Tonight I decided to share this incredible community of all of you leaders and mentors, to my own team.  I let them know what I have just found and that I am going to share a new way of life with them.  They are excited to hear more and I am excited to help them finally become who they want to be.  I feel so fortunate to have found a system to be proud of that is going to make a difference in someone elses life.  I have been lucky in my life and I thank G-d for that.  I am lucky because I have been fortunate to build relationships in everything I do.  So call it luck that I found all of you and let my "web," as Michael calls it,  continue to grow even bigger.  I love being "Lucky."

A special thanks again to Randy!

Lisa  Miller

Lisa Mller — Wed, 04/01/2009 - 11:28pm

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