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  I created this outline about a year ago to help my downline really understand the fundamentals behind network marketing. I was a night life entertainment promoter for years putting together some of the biggest events in the southen states to the west coast and a large majority of my following came from the relationships I made. Its funny how things feed off each other becuase the reason why I am in a network marketing travel agency is because of all the partiers I know who book with their travel with me. Here are some techniques I used and annalyzed  through out the years on what worked to get myself to the position I was in. If  you study these principals on a regular basis I can promise you that your networking skills will shoot through the roof. This will teach you to be in control of the conversation each and every time.


By: Brian Marshall Problems people have when striking conversation.
1. Select a proper subject to talk about.
2. Give the person a subject a to grab onto.
3. Find out what they want or what they like to do.
4. Pay a compliment (feed their ego) this does wonders for you.
      a.Stop thinking about yourself and think about them; find out what you can do for them.
      b.Discover what makes them tick. Discover what motivates them and you will be able  to understand them.
      c.You cannot get what you want unless you give first.    *There are 14 secrete motivators of needs and desires in humans.
1.   Having a sense of power or importance.
2.   Ego gratification-pride.
3.   Financial success.
4.   Being recognized by others.
5.   Group approval.
6.   Desire to win-to and be the best.
7.   Having a sense of roots and belonging to something.
8.   Opportunity for creative expression.
9.   Accomplishment of something worthwhile.
10. New experiences.
11.    Liberty-freedom from privacy or intrusion.
12.    Self-esteem.
13.    Love-in all forms.
14.    Emotional security.   People have the greatest desire for what they are lacking.
1.    People’s needs and desires change. They are never static. Stay informed about them.
2.    Find out people’s needs and desires through conversation and through other people.   *5 things you need to consider and do to get people to talk to you.
1)    Be genuinely interested in each person and problem.
2)    Be a good listener. Watch for what the other person doesn’t talk about.
3)    Encourage the person to talk by putting no pressure on them. Agree with a nod to their statements.
4)    Talk in terms of their interest.  Talk about what they want, not what you want.           They don’t care about what you want until you can get them what they want first.
5)    Feed their ego in a sincere manner.   *Use the 5 W’s to get specific answers to your questions.
1)    Who
2)    What
3)    When
4)    Where
5)    Why
6)    How-on exception *A person’s favorite subject to talk about is himself.
*The next favorite subject a person likes to talk about is an extension of himself. Example-Hobbies, family, their job, etc…   People want to dominate others. It’s a hidden desire of almost everyone. It makes you feel more important. see 1-14.
1)  Feed a persons ego. It will reveal to you what they want.
2)  They already want power over you so give it to them.   *4 Tips for opening up a conversation
1)    Never open a conversation by saying “Hello” it’s dull and it goes nowhere.
2)    Use what I call a topic teaser. This is a subject that stimulates their interest. *What makes them tick? Desires? 3)    Have a good opening first impression (as best as you can).
4)    Have a good closing impression (as best as you can).   *To get a persons interest immediately
1)    Ask a question while stroking their ego at the same time.
2)    Example...“Where did you buy those shoes? You have got really good taste in style.”
3)    Concentrate on the person’s interest.   *According to 1000 women they love and hate to talk about…
---Women love to talk about…
1)    Home and family
2)    Good health
3)    Personal growth or promotion
4)    Travel
5)    Clothes
6)    Recreation
7)    Men
---Hate to talk about…
1)    Politics
2)    Sports ----though some do
3)    Religion (with strangers)   *According to 1000 men they love and hate to talk about….
---Men love to talk about…
1)    Family and home
2)    Health and job
3)    Personal growth and promotion
4)    Recreation
5)    Sports
6)    Travel
7)    Politics
8)    Women
---Men hate to talk about….
1)    Clothes
2)    Shopping
3)    Religion (with strangers)


*Project individuality. Talk about a subject that you are well informed on.
            *Avoid controversy; this will keep the conversation positive.

1)    Do not down them in details. This can cause confusion.
2)    Attention is lost when understanding is lost.
3)    Stop talking before they are done listening. Always end with them wanting to know more.
4)    Stick to your point. Don’t get off the path of intention.
5)    Set up an appointment to give and show everything.

Dealing With Strangers 6 Techniques
          *Give a first good impression. Your first words are the most important.
          A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. 1. How to strike conversation.
    a. Appeal to the person’s ego.
    b. Use a leading question to talk about self-interest.
2. Determine to be a leader in the conversation IMMEDIATELY
   a. There is always a leader and a follower in any conversation.
   b. Everyone is waiting for someone to tell him or her what to do.
   c. By doing this people will look at you for leadership.
       *You are not responsible for other people’s opinion
         *To take the role as a leader, you must seize control. People then will do what you want them to do.
         *Others view you on how you with view yourself.
3. Pay a compliment.
   a. Make them feel important. This motivates them.
   b. Remember their name.
4. Make a stranger go out of their way for you.
   a. Say something that makes them feel superior to you. Feed their ego.
   b. Ask for their advice on their on their expertise.
          *Can you help me please?
          *Can you please give me your advice?
          *I value your judgment on thing like this...
          *I know you are an expert on this matter...
5. Making friends with a stranger IMMEDIATELY
    a. Get your mind off yourself
    b. Talk about their name. It’s the most important word in the world to them.
    c. The avocation of their name. How you say it and its meaning.
    d. Ask them what they do for a living.
    e. Ask them what their hobbies are. Ask their something about their hobby.
6. Controlling the emotions and attitudes of strangers.
    a. Opposites attract.
    b. Be a leader immediately.
    c. They will view you on how you view yourself.
    d. Remember that smiles and frowns are contagious.
       *Be aware of your body language at all times.

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