Dave Ramsey: Total Network Marketing Makeover…Why You Are Failing in Your Business?

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Dave Ramsey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and Motivational speaker.  Ramsey's syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, is promoted with a tagline that it is about "Life and Money", and it is heard on over 400 radio stations throughout the United States and Canada.  If you know anything about Dave Ramsey you know he is about people being completely honest about their money situation.  What I am going to do in this article is offer my Total Network Marketing Makeover for your business what you must do to have real control over your business!

The first step to makeover your business is honesty!  So much of what we read and see about network marketing is hype.  I believe people are completely sick of this.  At the same time, it seems when someone is honest and genuine, has the right skills and decent marketing they connect instantly with every prospect they talk to.  But the challenge for the average network marketer is they do not have access to mentors whom they can share their strengths and shortcomings with.  They are stuck in their situation.  With the rise of the Internet, a huge market has been created because of this, selling information products!

The problem with information products is they lack the insight and minor tweaks that are necessary to have break out success in network marketing.  Have I learned some great information from these products?  Yes.  However, the greatest gains I have made came from working one on one with my mentors.  The same is true for my financial situation.

A good friend of mine has been bugging me about Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover program.  He knew about my views on borrowing money.  He knew all about how I leveraged the sub-prime markets to create a real estate portfolio.  Yet, when we compared my net worth to his, his was higher and had a heck of a lot less risk!  I would have never had this experience if I was not for our great friendship.  Dave Ramsey products are great, just like network marketing is great, yet if you are on your own to figure everything out, you are left to your own vices.  I have made the commitment to change my financial plants because of my friend experience as well as Dave Ramsey!

Have a total network marketing makeover requires you to be completely honest with yourself and your situation.  I know you can not do it on your own.  The answer and the solution is search out a mentor to help you with your business.  Work with someone you can be completely honest with and have good rapport.  I know if it was for my mentors and them forcing me to look in the mirror I would have never been able to achieve the success I wanted out of life!

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Dave Ramsey

I have been in MLM and NWM for 3 decades     [more or less] and its my opinion that, for the most

part, they are charging big bucks to line their pockets with money and do not give any more info then the last one did and the next one will do..

Freda Douglas — Sat, 04/18/2009 - 10:54am

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