How a Houston CPA Got 28 Referrals

There's an old saying that Zig Ziglar, the famous sales
trainer says, "If you help enough people get everything
they want, you'll eventually get everything you want."

This saying is true.

The secret to getting more referrals is to GIVE referrals.

How a Houston CPA Got 28 Referrals In One Month


Larry Gibbs is a CPA who practices in Houston, TX.

After being in public accounting for five years, Larry
decided to start his own accounting practice.

Unfortunately, he was starting from scratch and didn't have
any prospects.

Larry knew that his best chances of success were through
referral marketing, but he didn't know any local professionals.

So Larry used his creativity and came up with a unique and
fun plan to get immediate referrals.

Here was his plan...

The "Give to Get" Referral Marketing Plan

Larry knew that if started to refer people that they would
in turn, refer people back to him.

So Larry started attending local networking meetings.

At each meeting Larry would make it a point to meet at least
5 new people.

He would find out what they did and he would get their
business card.

Then he would snap a photo of himself with the person that
he met.

He would go back to his office and scan in their business
card. So he had a photo of the new person that he met and a
scan of their business card.

He would then upload these into a very unique greeting card
system that he was using to stay in touch with people that
he had met.

The Magic "Referral Card" System...

With this system, Larry would create a "referral card" that
had the photo of the new person and himself on the front of
the card and the scan of the person's business card on the
inside of the greeting card.

The card looked like this...

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

He would then write a note endorsing the person and their
business and send the "referral card" to all the people
in his ever growing network of business friends.

It was easy to do.

In the greeting card system he was using he created a group
called, "business friends" and after he created the new
referral card he would just send that referral card to the
entire group with the push of a button.

The new "referral greeting card" was then printed out using
his own handwriting font and his own personal signature and
then sent in a white greeting card envelope, with a first
class stamp to everyone in his network of business friends
automatically by the greeting card software company.

The envelope looked like this...

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

He didn't have to lift a finger (other than to push the

The Staggering Results...

Larry did this every week.

Every week he would meet new people and start sending out
referral cards to every one endorsing a new person he had
met that week.

Pretty soon, the people he endorsed with his referral cards
started getting lots of referrals.

Larry's phone started ringing with "Thank yous" from the the
his business friends that he endorsed.

Then a beautiful thing happened...

...Larry started getting calls for new business.

In one month he captured 28 new accounts!

His accounting practice was suddenly on the fast track to
success thanks to his innovative "referral card" system.

Do you think you can do the same thing and get the same

Of course!

By the way...

...What Was the Greeting Card System that Larry Used?

The system that Larry uses is called

This greeting card system allows you to...

1. Create stunning custom greeting cards in seconds using your
own photos.

2. Create greeting card campaigns in which you can immediately
send one card or 1,000 cards with the push of a button.

3. Stuff, stamp and mail those cards automatically, freeing
you up to do other important tasks.

4. And it costs less than 1/2 the price of normal greeting

Here's a link to a recorded demo of this system...

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If you have some questions about, give me a call
at 516-770-3989

I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have about the system.

To your success!

Ryan Blaire

P.S. If you would like to walk through the system yourself, go
to the site below and click on the "Take a Test Drive" button.

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Referring to YOUR success!


Ryan Blaire

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Call me at 516-770-3989

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