How to Generate 50 Referrals in 50 Days

Hi Everyone,

This is an amazing site with amazing people and everyone who posts offers such great value to all. 

After taking in a lot of the great articles and info on this site, I decided that I wanted to give back and add/share some info and see if I may be able to lend some value to this wonderful community. 

My area of expertise is in referral marketing so I wanted to offer up some info on how anyone in any industry including the network marketing, direct sales, and MLM industries can generate 50 referras in 50 days and really see your business or opportunity take off.

So...Would YOU like to generate 50 super high quality eferrals in 50 days?

If so, you’ll want to read every word of this article because I’m going to reveal a unique referral marketing tactic that has the power to generate 50 referrals in 50 days...and at the same time, this tactic could change your personal and professional life forever.


The Power of "Let's Do Lunch"

In his book, "Never Eat Alone" Keith Ferrazi talks about
the power of having lunch with influential people.

He tells the story of how he was once considering a job
offer from a big consulting firm.

Before he accepted the offer he requested to speak with
the "top man" in the company.

The meeting was eventually arranged.

Keith had lunch with the CEO of the company at a little
restaurant in New York city.


The CEO Eventually Asked Ferrazi If He was Intending
to Join the Firm.

Ferrazi responded, "I'll join the firm if you agree to
have a private lunch with me once a year at this time,
in this restaurant."

The CEO was taken back and impressed at the same time.

He had never had that type of request.

He agreed, and for years, Ferrazi and the CEO met at that
restaurant around the same time.

Ferrazi quickly became one of the most influential people
in the firm, in part, because of his relationship with
the CEO.

Having lunch with people is one of the easiest, fastest,
and most convenient ways of meeting new people and
establishing long term relationships of trust.


Here's How to Use the Power of Having Lunch to Get
50 Referrals In 50 Days.

Here's a step-by-step plan generating 50 referrals
in 50 days.

STEP 1 - Create Your List.

Create a list of the top 100 most influential people in
your local area that you would like to get to know...and
that could be a good referral source for you.

Make sure you write down their name and mailing address.


STEP 2 - Create a "Let's Do Lunch" card.

Create a greeting card that introduces who you are and
let's them know that you'd like to have lunch with them
just to get to know them a little better.

Include a professional photo of yourself and let them
know what you do.

Make sure that you tell them that you simply want to know
a little bit more about THEIR business and how you can
refer people to THEIR business.

Let the recipient know you are asking them to go to lunch
because you know that they are an influential person
in the community and have a great reputation.

Include your phone number and ask them to give you a ring
to set up a good time.  You might also include your email
address in the card.

Here's a good example of a "Let's Do Lunch" card.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)


STEP 3 - Send your "Let's Do Lunch" Card to your list.

Now it's time to send your "Let's Do Lunch" card out
to your list of 100 influential people.

Send the card out in 20 person increments.


STEP 4 - Wait for your phone to ring...because it will!

Once you start sending your cards out, the phone will start
ringing and you can start setting up your lunch appointments.

when you go to lunch, make sure that the conversation is
mostly about them and not you. (remember, you asked for lunch
to learn about them and their business.)


STEP 5 - Keep sending out the same card.

Once you send your "Let's Do Lunch" card out to your list of
100 people, keep sending it out.

Just because people didn't respond the first time, doesn't
mean that they don't want to have lunch with you, it just
means that the timing isn't right.

After time, you'll find that over 50% of the people you continue
to send your card to will call you up to set up a lunch.


How to Completely Automate the "Let's Do Lunch" Strategy

By using you can automate the entire card
sending process. is a online service that will allow you to
create stunning (physical) greeting cards and automatically
send them out with the push of a button.

With, all you need to do is...

1. Import your list of 100 contacts

2. Create your card

3. Set up an automated campaign for the card to go out as many times
as you want it to, when you want it to...and then...


Here's a demo of how works if you'd like to check it out.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)


Would You Like an Already-Done-For-You "Let's Do Lunch" Card?

If you sign up for the greeting card system
I will immediately transfer my already-done-for-you "Let's Do Lunch"
card into your new account for you to use.

With this card, you'll be able to implement this powerful
referral strategy TODAY!

Here's a short video that explains the three options of how
to sign up with

(copy and paste the link into your browser)



The "Let's Do Lunch" strategy works!

It's one of the fastest ways to get 50 high quality referral in
50 days.

With my "Let's Do Lunch" card and you implement
this strategy right away.

If you want a private demo of or if you have any
questions about the system, please feel free to give me a call.

My phone number is 516-770-3989

I wish you the best of success in your referral marketing efforts.


Ryan Blaire
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Call me at 516-770-3989

or email me at [email protected]

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