I Got Top 10 Ranking On Google In Under 4 Weeks – You Can Too – So Long As You Change Your Mindset…

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I’ve just checked my Google ranking for my newest home based business web site – I haven’t checked it in over a week, and now I find It's in the Top 10!!!

I just have to share what I did with you all!

This is not the shortest article I've ever posted! To help you decide whether to stay or not, here's the What/Why/How and What If of the article...

WHAT: Insights in to how I got ranked #1 on Google in under 4 weeks from a standing start!
WHY: Having SEO as part of your marketing strategy need not be so awkward and hard as you might think – any traffic is better than no traffic!
HOW: I give a brief description of what I did and how I did it, with enough detail to get you thinking more positively about using SEO, to the point of actually using it…
WHAT IF…:  …you do nothing, will you sleep OK at night knowing that for just a little extra effort you could be capturing much more traffic? If you give it a go and nothing comes of it, the worst case scenario is you’ve used some time to learn SEO is not for you just now…

Let me set the scene. I finally got around to exploring properly some of the claims made in recent times about SEO – search engine optimisation.

I’ve been doing a pile of research over the past 18 months, looking at what stops people from achieving the success they want and need from network marketing. I’ve brought my research together in to a 100+ pages manifesto and workbook, which I wanted to make freely available to the mlm & network marketing community. The obvious way to achieve this is a web site, so that’s what I put together over the Christmas recess – an hour or 2 here, a few hours there etc.

I decided to use this manifesto launch as the perfect means for experimenting cleanly with SEO. Starting with no placement to my lists at all, I put up the web site, using the core techniques recommended by several SEO ‘gurus’.

The site went up on 2 Jan 09, and by 18 Jan 09 I was looking at some reasonable rankings on Google.

It’s now 1 Feb 09, less than 1 month since the site went live.

And depending upon the search text used, Google is showing me as in Top 10, and in some cases it ranks me as #1, #2, #3, #5 and #6. (Ignoring the few paid-for listings at the top of Google’s results…)

Now, I can’t be sure exactly about what has had the biggest impact on these rankings. Last night, less than 24 hours ago I put up an entry on another forum site, and Google has that page as #3 – in way less than 24 hours!

I’m guessing that you are like me – a little sceptical of claims made by people you don’t even know… I sure was the same about SEO.

I’m a believer in using as many channels as possible to get to market, and SEO counts as a legitimate one, but I stayed away from it for ages. Why? I wasn’t sure until recently. Then I realised it just didn’t appeal to me – all that mucking about with keyword analyser tools, writing articles and text with these keywords embedded and so on – it just seemed so, well, awkward. Truth be told, I just didn’t know how to make best use of these tools (and as a result, my time)…

Below are a couple of screen shots of the rankings from Google, so you can see for yourself. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the search strings I’ve used are not likely to be in the top 3 say of the searches used by most people blindly searching on Google. And the number one that might be used is ‘mlm manifesto’ which unsurprisingly leads you to Randy Gage’s excellent Manifesto for the first 2 pages. What is pleasing to see is that my pages and my manifesto are ranked #21 – and the page that is in that slot isn’t even 24 hours old yet!

google ranking screen shot 1

google ranking screen shot 2

There are 2 key elements in this performance, in my opinion:

  1. A different mindset and strategy
  2. Using some of the basics of SEO

I’ll tackle these in reverse order.

I did use the keyword analyser tool that Google offers. I put in a variety of keywords and noted about 3 dozen words and phrases that seemed to be the most popular over the past month or so.

These key words were then worked in to the text on my web site’s home page. I know, some of you are wondering how I can get 3 dozen key phrases in to my home page and not have Google think the page is a keyword farm (which Google hates, apparently it lowers your ranking – not good…)?

I’ll come back to this in a bit – it’s wrapped up with the first element listed above…

I got myself a domain name that also included some of the keywords.

I pointed to the site from my blog.

I wrote a couple of Squidoo lenses (Squidoo is a web 2.0 site that facilitates easy publishing of pages or ‘lenses’ on anything…)

I went on to a couple of mlm-related forums and interacted there, with links to my site contained in my signature block, plus some of my contributions also contained some of these 3 dozen keywords I got from the Google keyword analyser.

I made sure I blogged and twittered about what I was doing, and also did the same on my Facebook page.

I made sure there was something new every couple of days.

And I made sure my web site home page also showed my twitter and blog feeds… (ditto on Facebook)

Oh, and I also went to a couple of forums (not many) where there was an area for blatant promotion of services etc.

These are all things that the SEO gurus recommend.

Now I did say earlier that I’d come back to the issue of working so many keywords and phrases in to my home page – how is this possible? Easy – I have a simply huge home page! Sure, the top part, the bit that fills the initial screen when you first go to the site, that has a small amount of text in it, graphics etc – the main body of text comes below, and you can get to it via a simple menu. There’s a lot of text there containing reasonably detailed info on each of the 12 obstacles to success in home based business that came out of my research. These form the heart of my second income network marketing manifesto and workbook. Plenty of opportunity to work in lots of instances of these 3 dozen key words, and all without Google thinking the site and page is a keyword farm, i.e. a page simply listing keywords, as you often get with many automated web site and page builders…

The breakthrough I think for me mentally, and perhaps a major part I feel, for the success, was when I changed my mindset.

One thing that had kept me away from SEO approaches was this one thought: every man and his dog would be competing for the more obvious key words and phrases about making money etc.

But what about people who weren’t searching blind, but who were looking for something quite specific. What I mean is that my strategy is not about pulling in people who don’t know about my manifesto, instead I’m focusing on people who have some inkling about the manifesto and a second income, and as such will be using a more specific, less sought-after search text.

I’m happy to take traffic that is just accidental or random, and I have no control really over this traffic. What I can do is focus on building success through referral and recommendation, and so such people who may recall some details of my services & products will use a more specific search text.

So, I now have highly ranked pages pointing to my manifesto document, and where people can sign up for their free copy, which they receive almost immediately.

Now ultimate success is not just about having highly ranked pages on Google. It’s also about how many people sign up, and at the moment I have to report that I’m looking at relatively small numbers of sign ups. This too is OK, as it always takes time to build momentum. But I have the core elements in place, so I can focus more time now on spreading the word.

Again, a change of mindset helps here – I have no control over how many people do sign up, but I do have control over what I do to make signing up as probable and easy as possible.

I’ll keep you all updated on progress!

So, in summary, I can honestly recommend that SEO should be part of your total marketing strategy, and that you should be clear about who you are looking to drive to your site.

With very best wishes for your own success,

Martin Schmalenbach


Martin Schmalenbach helps individuals and organisations make informed decisions about enhancing business performance. He has worked all over the world with all manner of individuals and organisations. Involved in MLM since 2001 he is the author of The Network Marketing Manifesto & Workbook. He lives in the south of the UK with his wife Tracy.


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