In the Amount of Time it Takes You to Set-Up Your Lead Generation System, You Could Easily Create Two or Even Three of Your Own Lead Capture Pages...AND Do the Dishes

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The first thing we need is a place to send that traffic and a way to turn our visitors into leads.
Traditionally, this is done by sending your visitors to a “capture page.” I’ve created an example for our Jumla Juice business below. If you don’t know how to create a capture page of your own, I recommend that you pick up copy of our advanced course, “
This is basic knowledge that you really need to know if you want to market online…”

-Mike Dillard from Building On a Budget                                     

This article has been updated with a video tutorial about how to create a capture page using Blinkweb, a free service.

Access 10 minute training -> How to Create a Capture Page

If you are using replicated lead capture pages, you are aware of the benefits. Most replicated lead capture pages are proven and reliable, and it’s much easier to get started.

Some lead generating systems even allow you to manipulate their capture page with your own video, or slight variations of text. This allows you to promote yourself. Others have a mastermind team that constantly split test, change and optimize for better conversions. These advantages make it a lot easier to get your business started.

But there are also distinct disadvantages. Often times, the lead generating systems that provide you their capture page still have a majority of control over the leads that are generated.

For example, when I use the Magnetic Sponsoring capture page, the person that is providng their information is not expecting an email from Eric Walker.

That person is expecting a 7 Day Boot Camp. And that person is going to be getting emails from Mike Dillard. Again, there are several obvious advantages to this, but...

When I give this lead a friendly call, and make an effort to build a relationship, I know this person’s interests, but they still don’t know who I am. In this sense, I wouldn’t quite call it a “cold call,” it's more like a “luke warm” call.

If you're a beginner or intermediate marketer, it's likely that your goal is to always call your leads, get permission to send them emails (or at least let them know they're coming) and provide value over the phone. As a beginner or intermediate marketer, you have the time to do this, and it's an effective means to create a following (one relationship at a time).

When you create your own lead capture pages, you have much more flexibility. You have more options about what, where and how you promote your capture page.  You also get all the traffic. Your prospects expect emails from You, not the lead capture page’s creator.

Counting on Other “Systems” for Leads Is Like Waiting for a Bailout from the Feds

Learning to create your own lead capture pages is more work – but not much more.  And often times, it is a slower start up. But the long term payout will be immense, and you will have more to offer the people you work with.

Ideally, you’re using both. You can leverage a system (like Magnetic Sponsoring), but you can also begin the real work that is to be done – learn to create your own. Empower yourself.

Options Are the Natives Peace Pipe of Discovery                             

When your learn how to create your own lead capture pages, you’re empowering yourself, and taking control of your business. Not relying on another “system.”  This is the true measure of an alpha networker.

When you learn how to create capture pages with your unique web of content, you can attract more leads to your specific offer. If used correctly, it's more targeted toward the specific audience you aim to reach. This allows you to monetize your list and generate different streams of income.

More importantly, if you learn to develop this skill, you will have more to offer your team. Imagine hosting your own 30 minute webinar with go-to meeting to teach 10 others how to create a simple capture page. Do you think this would develop and promote your leadership qualities? It would.

It’s this type of branding – real branding –  that forces prospects to see you as a resource that can teach them the necessary skillset to become a successful marketer to develop their business.

There are Services that are Free, or a Low to Medium Monthly Charge for Creating and Hosting your Own Lead Capture Pages

I first stumbled across a free tool that can be used for making capture pages from Ferny Ceballos.

I then received more in-depth instruction from my attraction marketing training provider.

Over the course of a week, I learned how to make my own. And just this morning over coffee Kaitlin Rose said if I made breakfast, she’d make the capture pages we’d discussed the night before at our weekly Sunday evening business meeting.

These lead capture page (and website) services provide you with options in the form of templates, appearance and differentiation. And for a small montly fee, there will also be tools that allow you track the effectiveness of your lead capture page. This is known as split testing.

Important Factors for Lead Capture Page Results

Here is a basic list of determining factors lead capture page results:

Message - Is your message clear? Does it speak directly to the target audience you want to "hear" it.

Offer - You must offer something, whether it be a free product, ebook, newsletter, phone consultation - something. It also needs to be directly related to your message.

This is a good thing. It forces "us" to think about our prospects first. It's what they get in exchange for entering their information.

Copy - This takes study, effort and practice. There is a basic formula for creating capture pages. It can take time to write a compelling message. But the effort will pay you back multiple times over.

Pre-Selling Web of Content - Realize that to get the click that directs your audience to your capture page, your web content must draw the reader in. Learning to write with pull is another skill that will pay to be learned, practiced and mastered.

Testing, Patience and Time - Be mature with your expectations. Keep trying and keep tracking and testing your lead capture pages until you begin to achieve desired results. It can take time.

How to Create Lead Capture Pages
Let us help you invest in your skillset. Learn how to create your lead capture pages. There isn't any better time than now to begin differentiating yourself from the rest, and build something of true value that you can offer your prospects, customers and business partners.

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I hope you're not waiting for a bailout from the feds

Building your own lead capture pages is in essence taking of your business activities,when you're first starting out there's nothing wrong with using your company's replicated lead capture pages,but eventually you will want to use your own.

Its a great way of individually branding yourself and standing out from the crowd,it also establishes a uniqueness and personal fell that people will come to appreciate.Excellent information and tips here,hope you finished washing those dishes!

kevin thomas — Mon, 11/24/2008 - 11:33am

Hi Eric, Very informative

Hi Eric,

Very informative article.  I agree with you.  By creating your own capture page, you can attract the specific prospects you are targeting.  You can then begin building a relationship between the prospect and you as opposed to the prospect and someone else.

I also liked what you said about teaching people how to set up a capture page after we have mastered that process.  As we learn, we can turn around and teach that information to others.  That provides another stream of revenue coming to us. 

Great job!  I wish you the very best.

Scott Hubbard





Scott Hubbard — Fri, 11/28/2008 - 5:57pm

Creating No-Cost Capture Pages

The capture pages I've created are by no means to the standard of "professional system" capture pages. But nonetheless, it's not only a start, it's a means of having more options. I am finding that I am producing content that needs something other than the standard Renegade University or Magnetic Sponsoring capture page. I still use those, but for other articles, it just misses the mark with regard to targeted relevency. Most of the capture pages I linked to in this article are an example of free software. Once I try the no-cost capture pages, and get a good look at the conversion rates, I can begin to think about upgrading to low to medium cost software. I was able to learn how to do this at Renegade Professional, and Kaitlin Rose has already walked one person through the process in about an hour.

Eric Walker — Fri, 11/28/2008 - 11:07pm

The Offer

 Hi Eric,

I plan on working on my lead capture pages within the week, but what advice would you give to the "smart beginner" about what free product to offer when they are just starting out. I see your offer, in this instance, is your service of setting up a capture page. 

Adam Ayer — Thu, 12/04/2008 - 10:40pm

Re: The Offer

Hi Adam,

Great question...this can be tricky for the smart beginner because, generally, they don't have any products.

So usually it's service oriented.

Additionally, it's smart to create, ahead of time, some sort of auto-responding email...something like 7 Lessons that Attract Prospects, or something similar...where they get 7 emails for 7 days about something specifically related to the capture page.

So essentially, you're giving away your time (in the form of a service...usually something that pre-sells them i.e. a consultation, perhaps you could make a 10 minute video demonstrating how to create a capture page) and information (and this information is your best stuff...again, looking to pre-sell them on YOU and/or a small ticket product i.e. Magnetic Sponsoring).

Hope that helps, if you want to brainstorm some more, send me a message and we can set something up.

Thanks for dropping by to read this article.


Eric Walker — Fri, 12/05/2008 - 9:44am

I'm Inspired!

Hi Eric,

You're wrong about saying "The capture pages I've created are by no means to the standard of "professional system" capture pages" - :) the capture page on capture pages looks very pro to me.  I love the pic of you and Kaitlin and the dishes and the bailout.  You crack me up. That's very good copy.  

I'm totally inspired to do it now.  I've been putting it off being a little intimidated about making my own sales letter with an opt in.  I will probably sign up for you to help me since I may very well get  stuck. 

Great article.  I gave it a thumbs up and put it in my stumbleupon bookmarks. 

Good job!


Terri Stallcop — Wed, 12/17/2008 - 10:30pm

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