10 Step Content Optimization Recipe

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Are you creating awesome content but struggling to get your stuff positioned in the search engines? In this post I’m going to walk you through my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe to help you get better rankings, more traffic and more customers. Enjoy!

In consideration of time and speed of implementation, I’m going to jump straight into the meat of this topic with my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe so you can put it to work immediately to start getting better rankings, more traffic and more customers.

Here It Is…

1. Identify Your Destination

Remember that “search” is a vehicle, a way to get from PointA to PointB … It is NOT the destination. Focus on cultivating your platform ( your tribe).

Michael Hyatt does an excellent job digging deeper into what a personal platform looks like in this article: http://michaelhyatt.com/platform

With the advent of social media EVERYONE NOW HAS ACCESS to a virtual microphone and everyone is connected to everyone else.

As a result, today’s platforms are built of: Contacts, Customers, Prospects, Followers, Fans

In other words, a platform is your tribe. People who share your passion and want to hear from like-minded people.

~Michael Hyatt

2. Where Can You Serve Your Audience?

Rather than exerting too much energy thinking about “how to move” a page up the ladder on Google, ask “How & Where can I serve more of my target audience where they already are?”

3. Other People’s Momentum: OPM

Analyze the top search results on Google and Bing for your money keywords (KWs) and the pages associated with those results. WHERE can you establish a position within them by contributing, sharing, joining the conversation, PPC/PPV ads, content syndication and distribution?

Those are the fastest ways to capitalize on OPM positions
(Other People’s Momentum).

4. How Are They Beating You?

Reverse engineer those positions. Do they have high profile backlinks, how is their content quantity & quality, what type of optimization are they doing on & off-page? How are they beating you? Fix THAT.

5. Quality, Quality, Quality!

Above all else focus on quality. Quality content. Quality syndication. Be smart, be strategic in everything. Half ass effort will always produce half ass results x10.

So many times I see positions with lousy ‘quality’ that are there simply for the fact no one has given them a run for their money in that space. You might analyze a position and think “I can’t push them out” when the reality is everyone else said the same thing and that’s the only reason they stay there.

6. Be Strategic With Everything

High volume mid quality backlinks are fine, but high quality trumps every time. Strive to implement “quality” in every metric when you are making your choices. High quality backlinks, high quality blog comments, high quality tweets, high quality engagement on social networks. Quality Always.

7. Authentic Engagement

Engage… social metrics are critical now. You can game it right now, but that too will end. Do it right, be authentic, the payoff is massive. Nothing beats an authentic connection with a real person.

You don’t have to be Ms. Tammy Tea Party either. It’s easier than most people think to provide a quality experience for your customers. Be authentic and sincere, just be yourself. People will appreciate that much more than a contrived online persona that is fake and disingenuous.

8. Build It Evergreen

Insert the word “recurring” in your theme song… How can you create a relationship that surpasses search and brings your ‘existing’ clientele back again and again.

Easiest way to do that is, wait for it… QUALITY. Notice a recurring theme here?

9. Give Google What It Wants

If you want to appease Google, study the basics of what they want and give it to them… High quality, fresh, relevant content that is focused on the audience’s needs/wants/desires/questions first and foremost.

10. Think Like An Architect

Site architecture & on-page optimization should be a higher priority when it comes to “optimizing” your marketing collateral over off-page. Although off-page is still important, a close second.

If navigating your site feels like one of those annoying stuffed animal vending machines where you use the claw to grab a prize… oh, almost had it, but not this time, try again. Yeah, if your visitors can’t find what they were looking for quickly and easily, and they leave frustrated, then you have a problem and need to get to work fixing that problem, right now.

Now Put It To Work!

Those are some of the foundational elements every content marketer and creator should focus on. Do those things and your lead flow, client base, search rankings and revenue will ‘naturally’ improve.

Use my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe checklist to take inventory of your current strategy, or create a strategy with it if you don’t have one. Implement the steps right now, today. Success is driven by action. Do something productive and effective for your business every day. Help your audience every day. Do these things, every day, and you’ll get everything you ever wanted.


Until next time… Live Long & Prosper!

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If you’ve got questions or need help implementing any of this into your own content marketing strategy, leave a comment, I’m happy to help and want to see you succeed.
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