10 Steps Before Launching A Promotional Tactic

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10 Steps Before Launching Any Promotional Tactic



Determine Objectives

Is your goal to stimulate trial purchases by new customers or to stimulate more frequent purchases by current customers? Are you aiming to increase your average transaction, enhance your image, boost employee productivity or morale, stimulate community awareness, or a combination of these?
​These are all important goals, but you need to determine which one of these you want to achieve first, second and so on, and which are most easily and effectively executed.

Be Specific

​If your objective is to get new customers to try you out, what is a reasonable goal- an increase in new customers of 5%, 10%, or 15%?  Would it be reasonable to shoot for an increase in customer frequency from 3 purchases a month to 4? If your objective is to increase your average sale, what is a reasonable increase based on your current pricing? If your objective is employee morale, how much can you reduce employee turnover by running this promotion?

Be Realistic In Your Goals

​Success is rarely achieved in one fell swoop. Remember, this is a way of life. Each incremental improvement builds on the last. If you get too ambitious, you and your staff will quickly become frustrated and disappointed, and you'll be less enthusiastic next time. Set your goals high enough to make a difference and low enough to have a best chance of success.

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