3 Cutting-Edge Facebook PayPerClick Secrets the Guru’s Won’t Tell You about!

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For many years the only player in town to get instant traffic, was buying ad space from google. But today you have facebook. Over 700 million users, and 300 million are active. Your ad can be seen by the masses in a very short amount of time.

If your still not sure what Facebook payperlick ads look like. Next time your on facebook, look to the right and under headline “Sponsored” you will see the ads. With just a few bucks a day, you can place an ad for the world to see.

There are a few key elements that may help you with your success buying ppc ads on facebook. Here are 3 cutting edge secrets you can use today.

1. Oh Picture My Picture.

What I love about facebook over google ads, is you can ad in a picture to help get people to take notice. Before we talk about the correct picture, lets talk about the incorrect picture.

If you are trying to promote a product or a company. You will not be able to have a picture of that product or company in the ad. Facebook will not approve the ad, since it could be considered copyright. Even the logo, or words that spell out the company will not be allowed.

The correct picture will be something fun and attractive. Have a picture of yourself, or of a cute girl. Stay away from the trashy, nude picture. Facebook will just not allow this. If the picture is funny or goofy then you have a winner.

Your whole goal with the picture is to get the attention of the user. Get them to look over at your ad. Once their eyes move to your ad then you can have them read your headline and ad copy.

2. Headline needs to ask a question

Once you get people to look at your picture your next step is to ask a question. Draw people into your ad. Since we are in the network marketing niche, a question could be like this. “Are you struggling with mlm?” “Are you looking for more leads?” “Are you looking for a home business”? Question like this will get people interested in reading more of your ad.

Keep the question fun and always relevant to what your product or service is offering. By asking the questions you get to the correct people who will want what it is you offer.

3. Tell a story.

This is the last step in your ad creation and its the most important. You have to get their attention with your picture. Your headline got their interest. The story is now going to hit their desire.

Facts Tell and Stories Sell.

A great story is going to talk about anyone else other than you. Never tell a story about you coming from you. “I’m Tyler and I used to be broke and now I’m rich with this simple system.”

That is not a good story. Try wording it like this. “Tyler is a college drop out that found a simple system to create wealth online.”

End your story with a call to action, “click here for more info”

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