The Most Surprising Numbers You NEED To Know About As A Network Marketer

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Not sure if you watch the news much but if you do you surely hear a LOT about how "no one has any money anymore" because the recession has wiped out every single person on earth. Yep, it's ALL gone. The money has flat out disappeared. Not one person has even a dime to pay their bills with....


In fact, not even close. Check this out...

I pulled some numbers that would make the mainstream news networks and local newspapers squirm. Why? Because these kind of numbers don't increase viewership or sell more newspapers.

It's the "$100,000.00+ Household Income" numbers - the number of families in the US that have total income of $100,000.00 or more. Now, of course that's no one. I mean, come on... no one has any money, right? The recession has affected every single man, woman and child, and every single business from California to Florida. In fact, no one is even in business anymore last I heard on the news.

Ok, I'm done...   ;)

The number of households in the US with $100,000.00+ in annual income in 2009 was 23.9 million. The number of households in the US with $100,000.00+ in annual income in 2010 was 24.5 million. These numbers came in at the end of 2010 from Career Builder / Research Report.

That's a BIG jump to the upside, especially during a severe financial crisis. And one worth really,  really, really understanding. There are certain, specific dynamics at play here you NEED to be aware of  if; a) you want to get to $100,000+ and/or; b) if you want to market and sell to the $100,000+ crowd.

So what's going on here?

Simply put, the "middle class" is melting away. And nowadays, with the cost of living skyrocketing and inflation creeping up, anything less than $100,000.00 is actually considered "middle class." It wasn't always this way. $100,000.00 used to be considered rich to many in the US.  A major career milestone. No more. Not even close. In fact, $100,000.00 per year are now many families expenses alone.

Now, let me be clear here... The middle class is not going away, it's melting away. Soon it will be gone forever. But it won't disappear. It will linger. But it will NOT be the dominant driving force of the US economy that it once was. Some will hang around, sadly, right in the middle. But, ultimately one of two things will happen. And this is what no one likes to talk about. And its critical you understand this....

Those in the middle class will either; a) move up; or b) move down.

Simply a choice. The key word here being "move." One needs to actually, deliberately, and consciously, "move" up or they'll be forced down by the current economic forces in play. Not a good scenario for those who like to hang around waiting (which is a LOT of people lately). By the way, the word waiting ought to be removed from your vocabulary all together.

Anyway, the reason I bring this to your attention today is because right now in your Network Marketing business you may be buying into the "no one has any money" propaganda being slung by the news networks. And if you are, there's no doubt it will end up crippling your marketing and sales efforts. You'll end up waiting for the right time to invest in your business, the right time to market, the right time to talk to a prospect, etc. Not good. And really not good now that you know the number of US households with an income of $100,000.00+ is on the rise!

The BIG lesson this week...

Just because the number of $100,000.00+ households is on the rise does NOT mean they are spending like they once did. Not even close actually. In fact, they're watching their spending like a hawk. What they aren't spending money on is unnecessary  "commodity" based products and services that they can get anywhere and where 'price matters.' What they are spending it on is "premium" based products and services that they cannot get anywhere and that carry huge, hidden value.

This is good news and bad news for Network Marketers...

The bad news is, the Network Marketers who market these low-end, commodity based products and services will end up be squeezed out because these are THE first things to go when households want to cut costs and be more discretionary with their spending. Unfortunately, this is something like 95% of Network Marketing companies products and services today. The good news is, the Network Marketers who market high-end, premium based products and services will win out. And they'll win out big because $100,000.00+ households are constantly seeking out premium offers. That's why they are $100,000.00+ households.

I break these issues down in detail in my report: "The Three Shameful Myths Of Network Marketing In The New Economy You're NOT Being Told About." I gave this to you as a free gift when you became a subscriber of The Network Marketing Insider. I suggest you read it or read it again, RIGHT HERE, if you haven't already because this is, by far, the most important report you may ever read about the "economics" of Network Marketing. And if you don't understand the economics of your industry, you certainly don't get to make a profit in your industry.

I hope, now that you know $100,000.00+ households are on the rise, not declining, you are a bit more optimistic as we move deeper into 2011. This is very encouraging information to say the least. The key now is to take advantage of this information. If you're not in the $100,000.00+ household income level yet, work your tail off to get there because it's happening all around you, regardless of what you may be hearing on the news. Don't ever forget that. If you're already in the $100,000.00+ household income level, give me a call or send me an email and I'll show you how to get to the $500,000.00+ income level. It's not as hard as you think once you crack $100,000.00.


Andrew is the founder and editor of The Network Marketing Insider, the NEW weekly eNewsletter that serves up bullish, bold, aggressive advice for today's high-performance Network Marketer. To grab your FREE Subscription along with Andrew's groundbreaking NEW video report: "The Three Shameful Myths Of Network Marketing In The New Economy You're NOT Being Told About," Click HERE Now


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Lawrence Bergfeld

Lawrence Bergfeld — Sun, 02/06/2011 - 1:10am

Important suprising numbers we need to know as networkers

This is great information that every professional needs to take into account. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable points that everyone needs to consider when making business decisions. I agree with it fact, this has been part of my education as well, so I'm with you!
Tamara Roe

Tamara Roe — Sun, 02/13/2011 - 2:55pm


This is an interesting revelation.

ifeanyi emenne — Tue, 03/22/2011 - 7:55pm

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