Affiliate Marketing Tips for MLM Network Marketers

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Affiliate marketing is the most talked about subject in online marketing. You can become an affiliate to most of the products sold online.

It is a win-win situation for the product owner / creator and to the marketer because as the owner you get access to a large number of clients and as the promoter/marketer of the product you get to earn an income without ever creating the product.

I am sure you have seen marketers make millions of dollars just by promoting affiliate products.            

Let’s look at affiliate marketing for network marketers,

I am not sure about you, but a while ago when I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring book and told my up-line that we can sell it to make a sideline income whether people join our business or not, he didn’t think that was a good idea. I was told to just focus on my MLM business and sell products to get the cash flow and I agreed with him.

I could see where he was coming from. You see all these affiliate marketing were so new to everyone.

He was right in saying that it is going to be a distraction, but read the full article here to learn how not to get distracted but have multiple streams of income at the same time.




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