Does SFI Really Work?

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SFI is a free Work at Home Affiliate Online Business for people who are interested to join.  Some people join the affiliate online business hoping to earn commission every month.

You start to sponsor people into the SFI business through your online and offline advertising efforts.  You spend a lot of time online promoting SFI trying free advertising, classifieds, forums, social sites, e-mailing, giving out flyers, business cards and telling people about your SFI affiliate business.  You patiently wait for the 10th of the month, to log into your SFI commission’s report, to your surprise you only made a tiny commission for the previous month!  You made this money from your monthly purchase.  You say to yourself you will keep trying to see what you’ll make within the next few months.  Especially since you know it takes time to see much profits in any business.  Again, you  make another tiny commission.

Now you are wondering whether you should continue working your Affiliate Business.  Especially since it seems as if the only way you’ll really profit is by sponsoring affiliates who are really serious to accomplish their goals and work the business.

You have to know that the most important thing is to study the SFI compensation plan and see what leads to SFI high income profits.

Sponsoring people into your SFI downline is important.  But it doesn’t account to high income!  Here are some examples!
I went through this whole process when I first started out with SFI.  I did lots of advertising through  posting constantly at different free sites I could find, I managed to sponsor well more than 180people in my SFI downline, but it didn’t really help me to get big profits.   Cause people join the SFI affiliate business once they see it is free but some may not work it seriously.   They get discouraged and give up too easily.

How much did I spend? I paid more than $400.00 through TripleClicks purchases with hope that this will generate higher commissions.

My profits were very tiny!

I spent lots of time on the internet advertising, contacting my downline offering help and guidance!

Can you earn high commissions from SFI & Triple Clicks?

Yes!  You have to stay focused on generating sales.  However, if you’ve been in this kind of business already, you know that whenever you try to pitch anything on others, you’ll be avoided by most everyone, including family members and friends.   They never take you seriously.

How can you sell without annoying anyone?

There is only one way you can generate lots of sales without bothering anyone. This can only be done through duplication.  You have to follow the marketing training in the SFI business.  They teach you step by step how to be successful.  You can do Article Marketing, Co-op marketing. Using their marketing strategies correctly, you will be able to get customers on complete Autopilot from all over the world through the internet, exhibiting whatever product you wish to sell in front of those who are online shopping.

You can also profit in SFI through Triple Click sites where you could sell your unwanted merchandise or become a member on the SFI new Triple Clicks ECA Program.  Just join, add your products if you own a business or website, once people clicked on your merchandise to purchase you'll make your sales profit. You could tell business people about the ECA program and once they sign up and people start purchasing from their site you’ll make a commission from their sales.


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