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by Michael Barrett

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A True Commitment to optimizing our health begins with embracing a healthy and wholesome diet, knowing full well that not everybody consumes or absorbs exactly the same amount of nutrients.   A stunning new supplement called ‘Laminine’ has been developed which improves the health and well being of individuals in a unique and powerful way. As my good friend and team member Mike Taylor puts it, (and this is based on his personal experience):  “Laminine Restores the True You”

A Brief History: Dating back to 1929, a Medical professional in Canada discovered techniques to acquire the ‘life-essence’ of the nine day old fertilized avian egg. Because of it’s research, it had been found that on precisely the ninth day, all of the ingredients required to create functional life are at its’ greatest level. The truth is, the life-providing proteins are so powerful at this stage that the live chick is hatched only two weeks thereafter. This technique of extraction and freeze-drying processes has proven to be a historic monumental success with this Medical Doctor’s subjects.

Unfortunately, this revolutionary powerful discovery perished when the doctor past away.

About 50 years following this extraction and freeze drying, the process was rediscovered by Norwegian Experts. Since that time the processes have been completely patented and the length of clinical studies and research that implemented it has yielded absolutely nothing less than incredible results. Currently, we label this product “Laminine.” The title comes from the term ‘Laminin’ which is the protein element; found in each of us on a cellular aspect, that literally “holds us all together”. Laminin: described by the Webster Medical Dictionary, is a “glycoprotein which is a component of connective tissue basement membrane which promotes cell adhesion.”

Looking at laminine which helps to restore the glue that keeps us all together isn’t far away from the truth. The actual advantages people obtain from the supplement ‘Laminine’ are so outstanding that it has grown to be a metaphor with the ‘glue that Retains the molecular structure that keeps us all together’ i.e. mentally, physically, and emotionally. Based on the recent experiences of those who take Laminine: Nature’s Perfect Supplement, on a daily basis, often feel refreshed, revitalized and experience a noticeable improvement in their general health and well being.   

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 Pendura Life Sciences  has patented and named this supplement ‘Laminine’ as a result of its molecular arrangement; the health advantages it yields to the body; and due to the uniqueness in excavating its ‘life essence’ from the fertilized avian egg on precisely the ‘ninth day’. Researching has already been conducted on ‘laminin’ in relationship with countless health problems and diseases. Many experts have found, for example, that individuals with congenital muscular dystrophies do not possess laminin-alpha2, which happens to be normally present in the layer of cells surrounding muscle fibers along with other cells important to the structural condition of muscle cells In complement to the daily life-essence discovered in Laminine, we have also integrated a proprietary variation of natural marine and phyto (plant) proteins generating Laminine the single most complete, unique and powerful supplement found on the planet today.

Can your current life utilize a change for the better? Can you actually use a whole lot more stamina?  How about an incredibly impressive outlook on life? A fresh feeling of wanting to have an outstanding effect on every part of your life…you simply really need to try Laminine Right away.

Authors Resource Box:  Michael Barrett is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and published composer and producer.  To learn more about Michael, Visit:

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