5 Tips for Effectively Networking as a Blogger

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. - African Proverb

To some extent, the above quote summarizes what it takes to succeed as a blogger yet it is something so many bloggers take lightly; this explains why we have so many failed blogs today.

If you're building any form of business today, you need a blog to succeed; research from various sources have revealed that businesses with blogs will always generate more leads than businesses without blogs, sometimes as much as 126% more leads, and that businesses with blogs are also more likely to generate more inbound links, sometimes as much as 97%.

However, we all know that running a successful blog isn't as simple as setting up your blog and waiting for results; you have to take steps to guarantee your success, and one of the best things you can do is to leverage other people to help you grow.

A good case study of someone who did this is popular blogger and founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern; within 11 months of starting his blog, Derek was able to amass 17,000 subscribers and it didn't take long before he started making six figures in blogging income.

You've started your blog, and you're well-ready to achieve massive success. So if you are thinking, "what is the key to accelerated success for bloggers?" the answer is simple; NETWORKING. This article shares 5 tips for effectively networking as a blogger:

1. Genuineness and Giving

That's the number one rule for success when it comes to networking.

You need to realize that networking is more about giving than receiving, and that your genuineness matters a lot when you give; of course, you could decide to use one trick or the other when networking, but the impact won't be lasting.

The real secret to networking is giving more than you expect to gain, and being genuine about it; for example, before you expect a single thing, you should have given hundred. If you can follow this principle, success is guaranteed.

So, before hoping that a particular influential blogger will share your article, you should have shared a hundred articles of his.

2. Stand Out

When it comes to networking, standing out will go a long way to help you achieve success, especially when connecting with bloggers who are much more successful and influential than you are.

Remember that there are hundreds of millions of bloggers in the world, and potentially millions of bloggers in your niche; it will take effort for a successful blogger to take note of you, unless you are different.

For every successful blogger you're trying to connect with, there are countless other bloggers who want to connect with that blogger, so standing out will go a long way to help you gain the attention of the blogger of your choice.

This is the principle Derek Halpern followed to achieve blogging stardom in such a short time; he took an entirely different approach by critiquing popular bloggers, offering suggestions for changes they can make, and having them publish the video on their blog. He was different about his approach, and it worked really well for him.

3. Be Incredibly Focused and Personal

A major mistake bloggers make when trying to network is to try to reach out to a dozen people at once, sending them all the same generic impersonal message; this can be very dangerous because it won't only ensure you are ignored by the bloggers you are trying to reach out to, but it can also lead to you being blacklisted by them.

If done right, networking can be hugely rewarding; take your time to find out more about the person you are reaching out to. Try to see if you have something in common, and be as personal as possible whenever you contact them; make sure you avoid sending them generic messages, it won't work!

4. Don't Just Focus on the Big Shots

Perhaps one of the most common mistake new bloggers make when trying to network is only trying to reach out to the big shots; they see Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark, etc. and their focus is on connecting with just these people.

This is a mistake; these bloggers already have hundreds of people trying to connect with them on a regular basis, and unless you are already established on your own, it will be difficult for them to notice you.

Take things step by step; look for bloggers on the same level as you, start with them and gradually up your game.

5. Flatter Them by Being the Result They Want

Flattery, if done genuinely, can be very powerful when trying to network with people who are much more influential than you are.

A great way to gain the attention of hugely successful bloggers is by being their student; buy their products and follow their suggestions, get results and notify them about it. More often than not, they will be impressed by the result you got by following them and they will take note of you. How you proceed from there is up to you.


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