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Chinese people are existed everywhere all over the world, that’s why there are highly chances for people to meet Chinese people. They can meet Chinese people in the office as partner work or as business partner; they can also meet the Chinese people at college or in their neighborhood. In the mainland China there was an event which really popular called networking events. The event is especially popular in the area which full of western emigrant workers. This is the event which makes people can make the westerners has the chance to relax while they enlarge their networks and in the occasion the western will likely meet Chinese people. There are many Chinese people whether from the local one and the one which ever study overseas enjoying networking events. It is mostly happen in big city even though local business also some officials also go to the events.
People usually feel troubled when they want to talk or communicate with Chinese people. That’s why people need to find the right way to communicate with Chinese people since Chinese people not shows their traditional belief and idea nowadays. Well, even though Chinese people can be said more opened nowadays but it is still not easy to communicate with them since there are many obstacles which come from many differentiations like communication styles, languages, and culture. The way Chinese people communicate maybe look simple and easy but it is actually not as easy as you may think. It is surely become the most difficult problem which people need to consider when they want to know more about Chinese people. People need to do some practice and good approach about the way Chinese people communicate so they can easily communicate with Chinese people.         

People need some clue about the right way to take time and step to approach Chinese people. One of the clues which people can try is consider about the expressive connection when people try to communicate with Chinese people. It is really worth to try since communication with copying the way Chinese local people communication style then you will feel easier to talk with Chinese people. This is maybe sounds difficult especially for people who want to do business but trying to create expressive communication will make the communication with Chinese people runs well. People should consider about the appropriate actions, expression, also the contents of communication when they create communication with Chinese people. Communication which comes from more emotional connection will work better and make people can be friends or create partnership easily with Chinese people.

People need to try to do real action to approach Chinese people since people tend to avoid or feel hesitance to approach the Chinese people. You can’t love something which you don’t know about, right? That’s why you need to approach first and knowing better so you can decide whether you will like Chinese people or not. Chinese people love the idea about different respect or age and seniority, so you have to act politely in front of Chinese people who more senior or has higher position.   



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