Home schooling vs Public Schooling

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Schooling is one of the events that determine the future of your beloved kids and thus it is important for parents to make the right choice at the earliest so that your kids get the best possible education right from the beginning of their life. In the United States parents have two different options that they can avail when it comes to child education, one is home schooling and second one is public schooling. Both have their own pros and cons and parents should adopt as per their need and requirement.

With this article we will be listing pros and cons of both of these so that parents remain informed and make the right choice.

Exposure to social norms- While home schooling may save a lot of your yearly budget you may be limiting your kids from being exposed to social rules and norms which is not a good thing. Since, the ultimate goal of schooling is to help your child succeeds at the society it is important to expose them to social rules and norms so that they understand the rule of the game at the earliest. It will help them make informed decisions about their life in future.

Child bullying- Child bullying is one of the common concerns that parents are facing these days. They are doing everything possible to avoid their child being bullied from notorious students and individuals. While it may seems luring for parents to choose home schooling in such a situation, you may be reducing their tolerance and withstanding power which they can develop in public schooling.

For instance consider a situation when a child is being bullied for having lice on their head. While it may be uncomfortable situation for young kids being bullied for having lice on their head but it has a positive outcome too, wherein they learn slowly and steadily to identify their notorious friends and ignore such bullying activities. Read more about head lice bullying and vegas lice removing services here.

Soft and communication skills- Communication or soft skills is another arena where parents need to give special attention to. In home schooling, since, a child remains isolated he may not be able to learn those soft and communication skills that they can in public schooling. Communication is all about interacting with friends and peers and it is something that is not learned theoretically it can be learned best at social congregation thus it is important to expose children to such social gathering like public school. 

To sum up we can say is that home schooling and public schooling both have their own pros and cons and parents need to choose the one that suits their need and desires.

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