Ideal social media analytics tools – Ease off the hurdle of tracking social media performance

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Tracking social media performance and reporting it used to be a hurdle for the online digital marketers but the now with the innovation of the ideal analytics tools, the process has become a lot simpler. The market has adequate platforms ranging in effectiveness, niche and user experience. Moreover the recent shutdown of Topsy has provoked more social media marketers to be searching for a worthy alternative. Before you brush through the list of social media analytics tools, you should know what it actually is.

Social media analytics – What is it?

Rather than thinking of the phrase social media analytics as a noun, it’s better to consider it as a verb. At the basic level, it is gathering data from different social media platforms for measuring social media engagement and likewise changing your marketing strategy. The process starts with prioritizing your business goals and determining your KPIs like shares and likes for your posts, replies and comments and the number of clicks earned by your content and links.

List of the best social media analytics tools

#1: Keyhole

Digital marketers can utilize Keyhole to measure a definite brand’s impact on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This tool gives you access to a shareable dashboard and it tracks hashtag, campaign and keyword metrics in real time. Reach, periods of high activity, impressions may be included in this. You may also use the data to lead your influencer in outshining efforts.

#2: Brandwatch

Although there is a suite of analytics tools working through major social media platforms, Brandwatch is perhaps the best one to be used for research. The tool offers information regarding the market which you own and wish to enter like demographic data about occupation and gender. It is also possible to monitor the reputation of the brand real time and check if users are posting negative messages or comments about you. Brandwatch filters all duplicate mentions and spams.

#3: Agora Pulse

This operates in multiple languages and you can use Agora Pulse to track enhanced engagement analytics through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Apart from standard metrics, this analytics tool ranks users who often share your content and informs you whenever your pages or profiles have been mentioned somewhere else. This detail along with community management statistics like message response rate will guide your social marketing efforts.

#4: Buffer

This one is a comprehensive social media analytics tool and you can easily log in to Buffer to check the numbers of engagement on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. Based on such metrics, you can also get a chance of identifying the top post of the day. Always remember that Buffer will only track those posts which you make through this platform.

#5: Crowdbooster

For a simple and quick Facebook and Twitter analytics tool, there are many digital marketers who select Crowdbooster. This tool boasts of a customizable and intuitive dashboard and you get access to real time engagement data which exports to Excel. The tool also prompts you about making recommendations about when is the right time to post something, who are the people or communities to engage and how to enhance your interaction efforts.

Therefore, to check whether or not you’re using social media effectively, it is necessary for you to seek help of the above mentioned social medial analytics tools. Leverage their services to better understand your social media performance. 


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