How To Blog Your Way To Become A Superstar Blogger

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Almost everyone who owns a blog and especially those who uses the blog for business want to be a Superstar blogging. Having lots of visitors come to read your blog posts, like and share your content and buy your products and services is the dream of many a blogger.

In this article in SEOMoz, I learned from Neil Patel some great tips on how to blog to become a Superstar Blogger.

Hey, Superstar Blogger, are you talking to me on your blog?

            Are you talking to me?  ”Image by Genista via Flickr”

First of all. you need to write, write and write, in order words, make sure that you deliver the goods or content into my blog. Have a plan to become a Superstar Blogger and stay “insanely focused” and stick to my plan.

What you must become to blog to a Superstar Blogger personality

In order for visitors to enjoy reading my blog posts and keep coming back (so that you become a Superstar Blogger), you need to be a little insane (he likes this word “insane”), according to Patel. you need to be creative, take a stand, be controversial, be passionate, be thorough and be original. These are all good tips for one to stand out from the crowd, build a reputation and a following.

A Superstar Blogger is personal, interact with the readers, uses a variety of media and Social Media to spread one’s reputation. Watching the trends and using them to build content for one’s blog is another way to leverage news media and trends to make one’s blog go viral.  Use trending topics to find a common enemy or start a movement are risks worth taking to become a Superstar Blogger.

How to manufacture originality in your blog when the Superstar Blogger’s brain is all fried

Should our curiousity and relentless pursuit to be original and creative on a consistent basis run out of juice (even for a Superstar Blogger), here are six tips for breaking writer’s block from Darren Rowse:

Change your environment – If you are struggling to be creative in your office, jump up and work from the kitchen. Or move outside. Spend a couple days a week working from a café or restaurant that doesn’t mind you being there for a while. Or work with a friend.

Keep an idea journal – Whether you use a notebook and pencil or a free tool like Evernote, jot down ideas for content when ever inspiration hits you.

Just write – Sometimes to jolt your creative system you need to simply write without an agenda. This is a great way to empty your mind of thoughts and ideas that have been percolating for quite some time.

Read other bloggers – Become a master at reading a ton of other blogs. If you can manage hundreds a day, you will never be short of ideas. And remember to copy ideas down as you get them.

Figure out needs – Use your readers’ needs as the starting point for your blog posts. What problems are they facing? What questions are they asking?

Combine two unrelated ideas – A great exercise for generating ideas is to take two completely unrelated ideas and then combine them. For example, what kind of ideas can you create when you match blogging with Mt. Everest? Or what about digital marketing and The Simpsons? See how that works?…

Read more at How to Become a Blogging Superstar

If you have other ideas on how to become a Superstar Blogging, leave a comment below and share it.

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