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"Where do I get content" is a common question I hear from newbie bloggers as well as veterans that have exhausted all their resources. 

At least that's what they think.

The easiest and one of the most powerful methods for adding exclusive content to your blog is with interviews.  There is a right way to do it and a wrong way.  First let's look at the types of people you interview and why it may be valuable to your readers.

  1. The Guru.  That's an easy one.  Everyone wants to learn from them.  They are already well known and they can generally spit out content on the fly without any practice.  This is the toughest person to get to agree to an interview unless you are already a Guru or on the verge.  They are busy and everyone wants their time.  However, it is not impossible.  Recently I had the opportunity to interview Mike Dillard at the Magnetic Sponsoring offices and I felt fortunate to be able to do so.  Watch the interview and know that it was one take, I didn't have to tell him the questions ahead of time, and he still delivered great content...and it goes on my blog!
  2. The Average Joe/Jane.  Just because they don't have guru status yet doesn't mean they don't have at least one valuable tip.  They may only have one idea or how-to concept to offer so make it a short interview and focus on their strengths.  You will want to pre-interview this person to find out what they are good at and provide them the questions just prior to the interview.  Don't give the questions to far ahead because it will sound too much like a script and viewers like organic content.
  3. The Struggling Marketer.   This interview may not provide any how-to concepts but most viewers will be able to relate.  Just like life this industry has 5% success and 95% struggling.  Invite your readers/viewers to comment and help provide a solution.  This can lead to more interaction for your blog or youtube channel...which is always a good thing.  Interview the struggling marketer that still has a good attitude and is pushing forward.

Why add interviews to your blog?

  • Simple content creation
  • Content other than your own voice provides a change of pace
  • You may learn something yourself
  • Network with others you may not have met otherwise
  • The person you interview may send people to your blog to see their interview

So how do you get these interviews?

It's easy to find gurus.  Just look online.  Google a hot topic and see who is at the top of the search engines.  Gurus may be too busy or you may have to pay them or be a top selling affiliate for them.

The average person and struggling marketer can be found on social networks or even in your own company.  Interview someone in your downline that just overcame a challenge.  Interview someone with that one special skill that others may find useful.

To get people to agree to be interviewed start by being complimentary.  Compliment them on their skill, attitude, or resiliency.  Explain the benefits to them.  Appeal to their ego and emotion by letting them know they have the chance to help others while increasing their fame. 

Another consideration.

Get creative and interview people outside of Network Marketing.  Find an author with a recently released book on triumph.  Interview a motivational speaker.  Interview anyone that has an impressive talent or good story that can appeal to your viewers.  Remember, Network Marketers are people too and they enjoy all sorts of content as long as it is valuable or entertaining.

One final warning.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking your blog should be all about you and your skill.  Even if someone you interview is only going to offer something you already know how to do it's still a change of pace and another voice.  It also demonstrates that you know people, meet new people, and share.  You are a true networker. 

Please share your thoughts on additional interviewing ideas below and don't forget to check my interview with Mike Dillard.

Mike Dillard Interview Magnetic Sponsoring Office

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Nice Article Kenny

Hey Kenny,

Interviews are a great idea to be added to your blog. Sometimes it's tough for beginners to get to the guru's, so I recommend going to your upline for interviews as well. It's a great way to get some fresh content and faces on your blog, all the while providing value to the community.

Your friend,

Ken West

Ken West — Sun, 10/17/2010 - 7:52am

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