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What’s good people? Hope your day was as productive as mine. Let me tell you, the Gulf region of this great country is humid! I unstuck my undershorts from my butt today more times than Barack Obama has taken vacations in the last two months, and that’s a lot folks!

I hopped into my whip(that’s a car for those over 40) and took off to get some coffee this morning and realized my A/C was not working. By the time I got to my fav. coffee joint, my underbritches were firmly adhered to my butt like plastic wrap on Easter Ham leftovers.

I was totally self conscious about a possible sweat mark on my behind which I would never be able to see so I took the first seat I could find! Nevertheless, it got me to thinking, as I sipped my regular coffee with two creams and two sugars. That’s right, I refuse to order a latte or frappe. What the hell is a frappe anyway?

How could I write about my underwear sticking to my leg that would interest readers who aren’t looking to read about some guy sweating profusely? Before I answered that question to myself, another popped in my head. Why would anyone read a blog post or article like that?

Quite simply stated, people get bored of reading the same facts. If you are a blogger or article marketer trying to gain a readership, talking about the same subject gets boring. There has to be a better way to attract eyes to your blog or website.

Whatever niche you are in, you can find article after article on Google about the same ol’ crap. Sure, it may be helpful information, but 99% of this content is duplicated. Heck, I am guilty of it myself!

As I looked through my folders of articles just yesterday, I realized that I was beginning to bore myself with the same information presented in different ways. I actually stopped to read an article I wrote as a writing exercise I did early on in my article marketing career. What I did was look in the yellow pages. I randomly flipped to any page. I took a quick glance at the page and whatever company I fixed my eyes on, I wrote a fictional story about. Read the writing exercise here After you comment, come back and finish this post here. The funny thing was I read it all the way through. The ironic thing was, the break from the ‘fact driven’ articles was easier to read and enjoy! I also realized something else important. If there was any call to action at the end, whether it pertained to the story or not, I would have followed it.

I appreciated being entertained for the moment. And wait! Something else dawned on me! If I could take that silly story and connect it to a point that was relevant to the niche, I just may be on to something.

Okay, so I’ve given away my scientific system of how I come up with ideas to write about. But how do you write compelling copy if you barely graduated high school like me? Glad you asked shipmate!

This copywriter I know named Jason Fladlien often times makes over 4 figures for a single hour of work. The secret is his nine step copywriting process which he occasionally shares for FREE via a live webinar. He does this maybe 3-4 times a year, and this upcoming Tuesday June 22, is one of those times. I highly recommend you click on the link below and sign up for this powerful webinar:  This is about 70 minutes of pure content from start to finish - and literally you're shown every step, a to z on how you can easily make high converting sales letters in less than an hour of effort. It sounds almost too good to be true, but wait til you see it. So sign up for the webinar by clicking the link below now: 

I'll see you on the call!

Benjamin Bradley

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Must Talk About Something Else

You must listen to a different audio each week and write an article on it or else traffic will be gone!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Learn How To Think Critically
Lawrence Bergfeld

Lawrence Bergfeld — Thu, 06/17/2010 - 12:34am


I guess you mean talk about different things? Not just your niche stuff right? I agree, if it takes listening to an audio, great. I like to use weird stuff from my everyday life to write about. Thanks for the comment

Ben Bradley — Thu, 06/17/2010 - 9:55am

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