Remote proctoring makes conducting online exams easier

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With the rise in exams being taken online, software is also being developed to ensure that the tests and exams are watched and regulated by a supervisor. There are a lot of competitive exams and other tests which need to be given online. Thousands of students take online tests every month. Online tests can be an effective way to test the student’s knowledge and abilities. Giving tests online can be an effective method to check each and every individual’s answers and mark them correctly through computer software. Online exams are making it easier for students and teachers alike in the education industry.

While this method has many advantages, there arises the problem of invigilating each and every student while they are giving the examination. This is where remote proctoring for exams step in. It is a software which monitors the student’s activities while they are giving the exam so that there is no scope for cheating. It ensures that the student’s identity is correct and allows them a portal to log in to their test. Read on to find out more about remote proctoring.

Remote exam proctoring  is an industry which is relatively new and is steadily growing. Remote proctoring is a software which may be installed in the computer of the student or the students might be asked to install it themselves.

The software can access the webcam of the student and can use facial recognition and other biometric applications to check the student’s identity. The student can also hold their id to the webcam and it gets authenticated by a person on the other side.

It can also allow for a password to be filled before starting the test. Thus it helps to facilitate all the steps taken while giving an exam at a center or offline.

Sometimes the proctor may only know the password and entering the password will give the proctor entire access to the student’s computer.

The software also sets a lockdown mechanism which prevents access to other applications like web browsers so that the student cannot gather information from anywhere.

The camera also may record the entire test and can also relay it to a person or supervisor on the other side in real time. The person checks for any signs of cheating like eye movements and other behavior. The application can also track the eye movements and can flag cheating behaviour to the supervisor.

Milestone in online examinations

Remote exam proctoring  is thus a very beneficial piece of software for universities and schools. It is gaining popularity and is soon being implemented in various schools and universities over the world.

Distance education is more like the model of correspondence. The only difference is that the internet has made it possible for tests to be delivered online instead of postal. The scale and magnitude of online exams have increased the number of students sitting for this exam. Online education had faced the challenge of trustworthy examinations. Now with the advent of remote proctoring softwares, the stepping stone has been set for the future of online examinations.

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