Why You Must React To Toyota's Lead In Dependability

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The J.D. Power automobile report for 2011 is out. Toyota led in dependability. Toyota's cars had the lowest problems reports by owners of its three-year-old cars. This means that owners of Toyota cars that have driven them for more than three years, are coming out to say you can trust a Toyota.

Now you know how dependable Toyota cars are but the big question is how dependable are you as a person? If people that have come in contact with you within the past three years are asked to make a report about you, what would they score you in terms of dependability?

You may not have realised it but people are asking questions about you. Have you ever bothered to find out what people are saying about you?

Jesus shows why you must get a three-year report of  how people really see you. Jesus had worked for three years and was in the final year of his ministry. One day, he suddenly asked his disciples "who do people say that I am?" Jesus wanted to check his rating among the people he had been teaching for the past three years.

You must never think that what people are saying above you does not matter. The J.D. Power report is generated independently for automobile makers and buyers. Any manufacturer can say he is not interested in the report but it has been found out that most potential car buyers make their purchases decision based on what other users are saying. For a car manufacturer that wants to grow, the report is very critical.

The J.D. Power report is telling us that Toyota is dependable but who can tell you how dependable you are? I used to think I was the best person to lead a particular team until the opinions of my team members were asked for. I was surprised at the number of people that did not think I should lead them.

I realised that because I thought something was the right thing to do did not mean I should do it at that particular time. I realised that my team members needed someone who they can depend on to carry them along even when I was on the right track. Some cars would have failed in the dependability test because the manufacturers did not seek the input of their potential car drivers.

When I failed the dependability test, I decided to try another approach. I carried out my tasks as I normally would do but this time, I always sought the opinions of people around me. Amazingly, when it was time for another review, I secured an overwhelming support from my team.

I realised that I could only be counted on as dependable when I asked people around me how I was doing with regards to what they expect from me. Their feed back helped me become a better person.

There are cars like Jaguar that have ranked very low on the J.D. Power report despite the fact that they have improved significantly. This means that most potential buyers would be scared of buying them.

It does not matter how good you are. If people who have come in contact with you say you are not reliable, then very few people would want to do anything significant with you.

I would strongly suggest you go and ask people who know you to frankly tell you how dependable they think you are.




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