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I could not believe it when a good friend of mine sent me a link to Global NPN, an MLM Marketing System. I must admit that I was not shopping for another marketing system. Most people are quite happy paying $50 a month for a generic marketing system, plus another $20 to a auto responder. Here is what I have found out about Global NPN.

First of all let me share with you the tools you get for $10.75 a month. This is a generic marketing system. The really cool thing is that if your tech savvy and understand a little about marketing systems then you can customize this into whatever your needs are. For those that are not, the system comes with 15 squeeze pages already for you and about 90 days worth of emails promoting you and the system. I must admit I could not find out what those emails are telling your prospects?

All you have to do is upload a picture, add your email, phone number and away you go!

Along with the squeeze pages you also get:
(Remember this is all for $10.75 Per month)

Complete Auto Responder (Use for anything you want)
Capture Page Creator
Leads Manager
Multi-Ad Tracker
Down line Mailer
Url Rotator (Use For Website)
Banner Rotator
Promote 3 of Your Primary Opportunities
NPN Tool bar

Plus this is an affiliate business opportunity, with a 5X5 matrix. For the monthly price you get a lot of great tools that would normally cost a whole bunch more. So I would say there is value with that.

What I did not like about Global NPN is I have found the auto responder to be a little unreliable. There are some disclaimers in the back office about this. I know that more and more big email companies are getting stronger with their spam filters.

One thing you have to realize with any generic marketing system is that you do not take the focus off building your primary business. I find there is a lot of advertising out there pushing this style of marketing. It is a fine line to cross when you start making money off the backs of those that are not interested in joining your opportunity.

Most generic marketing systems provide the tools you need for day to day operations when it comes to managing your leads or advertising campaigns. Where most ALL fall short is training and support. Sure they may offer some free MLM training on how to market your generic marketing system, but how about those that do not have support for their primary business? Remember this is a people business and if your not studying people then your falling short.

Provide good valuable tools & training to help with marketing their business and you will win every time.

So for me, I will stick with the mentoring for free marketing system. It is the simplest and yet most powerful marketing system on the planet. Heck, even if you do not join the pro version all of the training is free!

I encourage you to grab your free copy of success in 10 steps and see what all the fuss is about!

Todd Bobal

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Sounds great Todd.

Do not believe me...but some BN member refered to a opportunity like yours and he was complaining about the company not paying the commissions...even though I am pretty sure is the same company, I leave a window giving them the benefit of the worries would be if this company do not honor its own word to its affiliates how can we trust them?

Other than that sounds like a great deal.

AburtoMiranda (not verified) — Sun, 08/09/2009 - 1:57pm

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