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Posting On Craigslist In Multiple CitiesPosting on Craigslist in multiple cities is ideal if what you want is to generate leads for your business from all over the country.  However, Craigslist was set up to be a local resource for people to find local events, businesses, services, items for sale, etc. and Craigslist aims to keep it this way.

When discovered to be posting on Craigslist in multiple cities, your ads will often get ghosted, meaning everything appears to have gone through successfully, yet your ad is never actually displayed publicly. 

Another way to discourage individuals from posting on Craigslist in multiple cities is the blocking of duplicate or similar posts.  If Craigslist recognizes that you have already posted the same or similar ad on another city site, they won’t allow your post to be successfully submitted.

These measures taken to discourage posting on Craigslist in multiple cities can be awfully frustrating to marketers who want to take advantage of the 50 million+ users in the US alone.  Craigslist’s website is ranked No. 7 worldwide in terms of English-language page views so it’s reach is powerful, a fact most smart marketers are certainly aware of.

Being able to tap into a resource with traffic of this magnitude could work wonders for anyone’s business.  It’s no wonder marketers want to take advantage by posting on Craigslist in multiple cities.

But what can you do when your ads are constantly getting ghosted and your duplicate or similar posts are being blocked? 

Fortunately, there is hope!

If you would like to learn the secrets to how you too could be posting on Craigslist in multiple cities and generating leads from all over the country please click below.

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