Dealing With A Content Thief

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We all work extremely hard to write keyword focused content which makes dealing with a content thief that much more frustrating. The first time you find your content listed on page 1 in Google is a memorable experience. I know it was for me and I still get excited when my content gets high rankings. Protect your content, you own it, and deserve to get credit for your hard work.

The first reaction when you find that your content has been ripped off is anger. I know it is for me. The last time I discovered my content was ripped off I was pacing from room to room and talking to myself.

So, when dealing with a content thief you first need to calm down and gather all the information that you can.

Research The Thief

There are several ways of discovering who stole your content the one that has worked best for me is All you need to do is copy (maybe highlight would be a better word) the website address and paste it into the search box. This will bring back the name, address,phone,e-mail,web host,and more information that may be of use.

Other methods would be the contact us form, about us page, alexa, and the meta tags that you can find by checking the page source.

Contact The Thief

Be cautious when you first contact the thief. Put your anger on the back burner and write a non threatening e-mail that describes the theft, request that they remove the content or at least give you credit as the author, and give them a time frame to comply. 7 days is good. Some people think that content online is free for the taking , which it is not. They may be oblivious to the copyright laws or simply playing dumb. Most times this solves the problem and they comply. Be professional at all times no matter what sort of response you may get from the thief.

Prepare For Battle

Hopefully you won't get to this stage but just in case you do gather all the information that you can to prove the content is yours. I usually do a google search to find the original cache file and create a screenshot of this page. If you were fortunate enough to have comments made on your article showing the dates of the comments create a screenshot of that as well.

Send A Cease And Desist Order

There are many different cease and desist orders that can be found online. Find one that suits your needs best. A cease and desist order gets right to the point. Remove my content or else; plus there are monetary consequences with a cease and desist order. This usually gets the point across that you mean business. However, if it doesn't get you the results by all means send a copy to their host. Once they receive an e-mail from their host with the threat of shutting down their website your problem should be solved.

Back in May of this year (2009) I shared an article that I wrote titled An Internet Network Marketing Coach Altered My E-zine Article And I'm Not Happy About That on Digg. Since this was my first experience with a content thief I'll have to admit that I didn't follow the advice that I share in this article when making first contact. It did, however, in a non threatening way get the point across and solved my problem with this content thief.

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