You, Inc. Commandment #4: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s List

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Want to know the secret to making a FORTUNE online? Here it is…

The money is in your list.

Sadly people continue to give away their hard earned leads to their
MLM or Affiliate Programs. I know…I did it too.

Here’s the deal. It’s well documented in the business world that if a
company wants to increase its profits, it needs to sell more stuff to its
existing clients/customers.

The reason is very simple. It costs money to bring someone new
through the door because the business has to advertise, right?

Instead of spending money to advertising to people who may or
may not be interested in what you’re offering, take the time to offer
more stuff to the people who have already raised their hand and
indicated that they want what you’re offering by choosing to purchase
something from you, or even just by opting-in to your list by taking
advantage of your “free offer”.

By creating a list, you have a group of people that you KNOW are
interested in hearing more from you. The bottom line is this: if you
don’t have a list, you’re leaving a boatload of money on the table. You
must have a list if you want to make money online.


How Do I Create a List?

To create a list, you need an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a
tool that allows you to “capture” people’s contact information through
a lead capture form and then you can correspond with those people
automatically through pre-programmed follow-up messages.

So, for example, you can set up a week’s worth of messages in your
autoresponder and when a lead opts-in to your lead capture form, he
or she will receive one email each day for a week in the order that you
specify. These are known as Follow-Up Messages.

You also have the ability to send out a Broadcast to your list, which
means you can write and send one message to your entire list (or
multiple lists if you have them).

This is the secret (or not so secret tool) that every Internet marketer
uses. It’s the only way that you’ll be able to communicate with the
thousands and thousands of people who will want to receive your


How Do I Get A Lead to Opt Into My Form?

Typically, most people aren’t a big fan of giving out their personal
information like their email address or phone number. So, in order
to get a visitor to give you permission to send them information,
you need to give them something of value. This is known as
a Free Offer or Ethical Bribe. We’ll talk more about that in
Commandment #6.


What Do I Say To My List? 

There is a skill to writing to your list, it’s called email marketing.
This is tied in with the skill of copywriting. At the most basic level,
you should have a plan for what messages your leads receive and
when and how often they receive them. You want to take your leads
through a sales process or marketing funnel. We’ll talk more about
the marketing funnel in Commandment #8.


Which Autoresponder Should I Pick? 

 There are a ton of autoresponder services out there. Aweber,
iContact, GetResponse, Mail Chimp. I’ve personally used Aweber for
years and have been very satisfied. Most top marketers recommend

One bit of advice that you should heed is this…an autoresponder
is holding your most valuable business asset, your list. Like a fire
extinguisher, this is not one of the things that you need to be discount
shopping for. You should pick a good autoresponder provider and stick
with it.

Moving your list doesn’t work well…I know, I tried. Do not make the
same colossal mistake I did! Aweber typically offers a $1 free trial,
and after the trial, the basic package is $19.99 per month. This is money well-spent!

But…My Company Gave Me A Lead Capture Page 

How kind of them!

Seriously, though, if you’re generating leads into the company
marketing page, you just gave those leads away to your company.

If you decide to switch companies in the future (and studies show the
life of a network marketing distributor is only 3 months) your company
typically owns those leads, not you.

Now there are some marketing systems out there that are solely
geared towards your current network marketing opportunity. I made
the mistake of using those too.

A good marketing system will allow you to integrate your
autoresponder with their system, allowing you to own your own leads.
Otherwise, the second you stop paying for that marketing system
because you change products or services (my original marketing
system was geared toward the travel business) you’re most likely not
going to want to shell out the monthly fee for that marketing system
just so you can communicate with your leads.

But I Can Export My Leads! 

Sadly, that doesn’t matter. : (

Most autoresponders don’t let you import contacts due SPAM
prevention laws. Those that do allow you to import contacts typically
limit the amount per day that you can import, and those individuals
must re-confirm their subscription to your list. You will lose a ton of
people in this process.

Now that you know the importance of building your own list, what are
you waiting for? Quit coveting your neighbor’s list and start creating
this asset.

Stay tuned for Commandment #5: Thou Shalt Be Transparent

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