Having Good Content (Or A Well Written Email) Really Doesn't Matter

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I know what you’re probably thinking…

Heath has finally lost it!!
Writing good copy is a skill we must all develop.
Why, top earners have put together courses and trainings…

Yeah, I know. And I agree wholeheartedly.
Copy writing is a skill that can pay us over
and over and over again.

But the most excellent email on the plant,
life-changing article or brilliant sales
letter won’t amount to a hill of beans if
it doesn’t have an attention-grabbing headline!



Because it’s the headline (or subject of an email)
that makes people want to see what it is!

We humans are curious by nature, and if something
makes us go “HUH?” we’ll likely explore it further.

Spending hours and hours writing good copy can be
a total waste if you don’t put thought and effort
into the headline...

Because folks won’t even LOOK at what you wrote!

As a matter of fact, I often spend more time
writing a headline than I do creating the actual
piece of content...it’s THAT important!

So what makes a good headline?

Of course it has to grab the reader’s attention,
that goes without saying.

But HOW you do that is key.

First of all, rise above all the noise by being
different. My teacher always told me that when
everyone else zigs, I need to zag.

THAT gets you noticed.

So write headlines that aren’t the same as
everyone else’s. Don’t fall victim to using
the same catch phrases and sensational words
that you see day in and day out. Folks can
tell at a glance that a pitch is coming.

Things like...

“Ground breaking opportunity”
“You gotta see this to believe it” or
“Weird ‘Magic Fruit’ Called ‘Holy Grail’ of Weight Loss”

Instead, write like you’re writing to a
friend, not an ATM. Use familiar phrases,
especially those that might trigger childhood
memories. Popular song titles and/or lyrics,
TV shows and advertising jingles are great
sources for this.

(How do YOU spell relief? <wink>)

And make them CURIOUS!! Use words like
“secret” “unveil” and “reveal”…words that
suggest that something is (or has been) hidden.

My friend, Diane Hochman, always says that
people are nosy and we want to do whatever
we can to “trigger their nosy gene!”

People also tend to like lists and how to’s.
“5 Simple Steps For…” “10 Tips On…” “How To ___” or
even better, “How To___ Without___”

You get the idea, I’m sure.

These are just a few of the simple concepts
we discussed on a training webinar with Diane
Hochman and some of the gang last week.

I’m hoping they help you when you’re writing
that next email, advertising campaign or piece
of content.

There are more considerations, of course (and
there will be more trainings like Monday’s),
but begin by keeping these in mind and with a
bit of practice, you’ll be writing KILLER
headlines in no time!

Share your thoughts...or one of YOUR headlines...
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