How To: Combine Online with Offline Marketing To Build Your Home Business

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Combining Online with Offline Marketing can be a daunting task for someone who does not realize the BIG picture. By the end of this article you will realize the BIG picture and then some, if you have a fear of the Internet I have something for you.

Most home businesses are built in an offline setting, belly to belly and building relationships face to face.  The bottom line is that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

There once was a difference between online and offline marketing where the Internet was just a tool used to increase your daily exposures. Today home business owners are building their businesses just as, if not more effectively online as they would do offline.

Offline Marketing

Let’s Breakdown The Difference Between Online and Offline Marketing

Offline Business Building

Traditionally, when you build your home business offline you’re initial targeted market is friends and family. (if you’re attempting to get off to a quick start)  Now this is a great way to get your feet wet while capturing your network, after-all you don’t want your friends and family in someone else’s home business right?

The problems that you will run into when going after your circle of friends and family is:

  1. Some of them may join you in business just to support you with no intentions of building a business of their own.
  2. Some of them will attempt discourage you from building the business yourself, that’s just something that we all go through. (no way around that one)
  3. A few members of your friends and family will say that they’re ready to start and leave you chasing them for months only to change their minds at the end.   

If any of those things have ever happened to you welcome to the club, it has happened to all of us. It’s kind of like the right of passage in the beginning.

Life After Friends And Family

Once you’ve gone through your list of friends and family it is now up to you to generate business on a regular basis. The only way to do this is to speak with people who are outside of your warm market. Online Marketing trumps Offline Marketing when you reach this point in your business.

Let’s break down Online Business Building..

Online Business Building

If you are now looking to market your business online there are a few things that you will need to grow your business effectively.

You will need:

  1. A Marketing System
  2. A platform to generate leads from
  3. A way to capture lead information
  4. A way to track follow up with your leads
  5. A process to take the lead through to the close

The Marketing System that I use encompasses all 5 elements and more. I just completed an overview video on the system along with many of the strategies that the TOP leaders use. Access the Video HERE

There is a specific Formula that you must use in order to leverage the Internet like the TOP leaders in our niche.

Here’s the formula:

  1. Set up your marketing system
  2. Generate traffic to your marketing system
  3. Convert the traffic into leads or (interested prospects)
  4. Enroll the interested prospects into a funded proposal
  5. Sponsor the prospects into your business

As the prospect is taken through your marketing system, they are learning more about you while building a level of trust. This is what will allow you to convert the prospects into new distributors or business partner.

I cover this formula in detail in my overview video. You can easily access it HERE.

How To Merge Online and Offline Marketing

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Online Marketing has been used to increase the amount of people learning about you and looking at your business. With a system in place, your online marketing campaigns can run on autopilot sending interested prospects to your inbox. Sometimes you may not ever speak to a prospect until they’re have joined you in business, that’s just an added benefit of leveraging the Internet.

So you’re going to want to Master 1 Online Marketing Strategy, the Marketing System that I use has detailed training on every strategy worth knowing. Best of all, the training is taught by the TOP leader who is receiving extraordinary results with that particular strategy.  If you’re considering merging online with offline marketing you can discover the Internet Secret that has created millionaires on the Internet just Click HERE.

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To your success,

Offline Marketing  

Ulysses Spellman

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Offline Marketing
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