How much is your self education worth---Today

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One lesson life has thought me is that I have no choice but to be patient and, to chose one idea or project to dedicate my time too. Early on in high school, I was blessed with the ability to understand the power and authority of the World Wide Web. I could see it clear as day, how the Internet had the ability to take someone from a desperate situation and put them in a financially stable environment. My only problem was that, even though point A to Z made sense, I didn't know what the letters were in-between. Most importantly, with the limited Internet marketing knowledge I had, I could not figure out what order those alphabets went. To make matters worse, I blindly made stupid expensive decisions which also, cost me my valuable time and I paid dearly for it. I rushed into everything because I was so desperate to make money. I was willing to buy a lie even though i knew for a fact that the reality of that lie coming to pass was almost impossible.

Throughout the 6 plus years I have spent on the Internet searching for useless information and copy and pasting codes to build websites for myself and friends, I have came in contact with over 200,000 people and given free information to over 50,000 of them. My deepest regret is that I did not know what I know now then. I never once made an effort to give information that could change the way they saw and did business on the Internet. I had 50,000 plus people who would download anything I told them to or play any game I told them to, but I never once passed along any valuable information. And thinking back now through all those years, I wonder why I was amazed that I didn't make any money and was still in my deadened state (about to be homeless, kicked out of school, with no money).

One thing I do appreciate about myself is that, despite all my failures I was still very determined to succeed, even though my current situation spelled disaster, debt, and fear of homelessness. I realized that I found myself continuously and constantly telling everyone and anyone I knew that I would be very successful at my Internet business, if only I knew the right and the proper way to market my business online. sooner than later, I began searching in books, software, and the Internet for the proper and correct way to market a product or a person online. I soon found that Branding ones self, self education, and proper marketing strategies are the best if not the most effective way to market online.

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Great Article

Great article and testimony..It's part of branding yourself, saying this is what I went through and how I handled myself throughout the process..Your 100 percent correct, branding yourself is very important, this is a people business business not a product business..Were in the people business serving products and not in the product business serving people..God Bless

Charles Rivers — Mon, 03/22/2010 - 8:21am

self education worth

This need for competence may have evolutionary significance: It pushes growing children to develop ways of dealing more effectively with a variety of circumstances and thus increases their chances of survival.-Senior Healthcare Consultants

John Shantelle Gacho — Sun, 08/28/2011 - 10:07pm
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