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Now that your MLM website is up and running, it is now time for the critical work of traffic generation.  There are multiple methods for generating traffic for your website using a combination of offline and online strategies.   Through the utilization of a wide range of strategies you can easily touch a broad audience with your marketing message.

The first consideration is offline strategies of website marketing.   The most basic of these strategies is to simply have your website address listed on your business cards and letter head.  Each contact who receives these items is introduced to your web address.   Another simple method is to place your website address on the rear window of your vehicle using vinyl lettering.  This transforms your vehicle into a moving billboard that could potentially be seen by thousands of people each and every day.   A variation on this moving billboard theme is to wear a shirt or t-shirt that prominently displays your website address and logo.  Another time tested offline method is the use of fliers and posters.  These can be placed on bulletin boards in common areas of your city or they can even be distributed door to door.   There are also paid advertising options, in which you could add your web address.  These would include yellow page listings or advertisements in your local newspaper or shopping circular.

There are numerous opportunities to promote your MLM website online.  A starting point is to have your web address in the signature line of all of your outgoing email correspondence.  Each email becomes a miniature direct mail promotion for your business website.   By the same token, you want to be active in forums and online communities that are built around your target market.  Just like your email signature, the signature line of your forum posts should include your website address.  The next promotion point for your website is in the world of social media.  Each social media account has a place for personal and contact information.  Your site should be listed in the profile boxes, so that as you develop relationships with others, they can visit your site to learn more about you as an individual.   This technique of personal branding has tremendous impact and should be a focal point of your social media presence.   Another form of online promotion is through the use of banner advertising.  Banners are virtual billboards that are created for display on other websites.   Banners draw interest and point people to your site for additional information.  A powerful no cost tool for website promotion is article marketing.  Article marketing involves the creation of written content related to a particular niche or field of interest.  This content is sent to article directories where it can be read and also distributed to online e zines, blogs and other content related sites.  Finally there is pay per click advertising or ppc as it is commonly known.  Pay per click involves purchasing traffic for your website.  Most often ppc is done by the click or by the number of showings (generally in increments of 1,000).   PPC advertising is highly focused and targeted to a niche audience or market.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with the strategies for using ppc, as it can be highly expensive if not managed properly.

Your MLM website is your personal connecting point to a world wide audience.  When you use online and offline strategies effectively, this piece of virtual real estate can be highly profitable.

MLM website promotion does not have to be difficult. Let Carl Willis teach you skills necessary to build a successful network marketing business online.

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Lawrence Bergfeld — Thu, 07/22/2010 - 5:36pm

MLM Website Promotion

Hey Carl, thanks for the advice. So many ideas here. I think it's wise to use all this info. Having to promote an MLM website can be confusing but by checking out different things people can use their time wisely.

Rick Salas — Thu, 07/22/2010 - 7:46pm

Good Content and Easy to Understand

Carl, this is a great article for those looking for the basics to promoting a web site.

Lucien Bechard — Thu, 07/22/2010 - 7:50pm

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