How to Turn Facebook Friends Into It Works Global Leads

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Are you looking to generate more leads for you It Works Global business? Faceobok has over 800 million user. That is huge goldmine to share the It Works products and opportunity with.

Generating more leads for your It Woks Global business requires you to learn a fewkey strategies. They are not that hard, and will only take you about 30 minutes per day.

1. Targeted Friends List

One of the biggest mistakes I see with people that I coach is they have the wrong friends in their profiles. Most of us have our friends and family in our profiles. Friends are not a very good targeted list. Your friends see you as their childhood friend and not this super star itworks business person.

The best target market is going to be other people who have a big influence on others.Network Marketing is someone that has a big influence. Go to a profile like Robert and start to friend all his friends. Many other influential people are Tony Robbing, Jim Rohn,  or your high school class president. These people will have a big profile, with friends who you want add. Spend each day adding about 10 new friends from these influential people.

2. Be Consistent

If you want to really start build a huge list of potential It Works Global prospect for you business. It’s going to take daily consistent action. This means posting on your wall 3-5per day.

If you created a blog post, add that to your wall. If you created a video, add that to your wall. Did you take pictures at the itWorks convention? Yes, add them to your wall. You need to be putting yourself in front of your growing list each day.

3. Create Massive Value

The worst thing you can do is post your It Works Marketing website link on your wall 5 times per day. That is spamming and your friends will ignore you very fast. Remember people are struggling in network marketing. You need to focus on helping them.

Your post need to be of high value. Give training on how use the It Works Products. Let others know how to put on the it works wrap. If you know how to use the Internet and get more leads. Post it on your wall. Just think, “will this help someone else if I post it?”

4. Stay Focused

Facebook is one big gossip and time waster if you let it. Your goal is to spend 30 minutes per day adding new friends and posting high value on your wall. That is it! Stay away from getting involved with the gossiping.

If people have question about It Works Global then answer them. If they are complaining all day, then ignore it. People will start to see you helping out everyone in a positive way, and will come to you when they are ready to join.

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