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Anyone who knows me knows that I RARELY write
anything like this here on Better Networker. 

But today, I have something to tell you that I
believe could literally change your life...

The story begins back in 2007 in NW Ohio.

Retired from my corporate job with a tidy sum
in my retirement account, I believed I was SET.

I was a moderately successful network marketer
with an active client base  and productive downline.

But then, the economy began to turn.

First customers began to drop off as they tightened
their belts and returned to the department and
discount stores for their products.

Then one by one, my distributers gave up and my
monthly residual check began shrinking till it
was almost non-existent. 

I knew I had to do SOMETHING...so I decided to
use the Internet to market my floundering network
marketing business.

Charging forward like the proverbial bull in a
china shop I grabbed any and ALL suggestions that
I could find...and back then, there really weren't 
the rich resources we have now. 

My only option was to follow the suggestions of
friends who "knew" about the Internet and keep at it.

So I was spending my days on the computer  looking
for "like-minded individuals" who might be interested
in taking a look at "the opportunity of a lifetime"...

And I was spamming my links EVERYWHERE!! 
(it didn't work)

Then they told me to buy leads.  300 hot, fresh
opportunity seeker leads for just $69.00?  I was in!!

And I began spending my days dialing and getting
hung up on, dialing and getting cussed at, dialing
and leaving messages, and dialing and dialing...

Fast forward 18 months, and my retirement account
is GONE, my network marketing business is history
and I'm served foreclosure papers.

Then...Sweet Serendipity! 

Through a series of what I believe were divinely
appointed circumstances, my path led me to a kooky
Connecticut housewife who began teaching me about
Attraction Marketing. 

Although by then I'd read Magnetic Sponsoring, it made no
sense to me...until she explained it in terms I understood

And today??

I've hit leader boards (beating the TOP DAWGS...
including my teacher!), been recognized at the biggest
events in our industry, have been featured numerous
times in Magnetic Sponsoring's What's Working Now
magazine and been a regularly featured contributor
on authority sites including here on Better Networker.

And yes...I've made LOTS of money, too!

All because I learned from the QUEEN of Attraction
Marketing herself...Diane Hochman.

And now...it's YOUR turn!!

Because tomorrow night,  Diane is bringing her
expertise to the home business community on
My Lead System Pro's weekly webinar

It's open to the public, there's no charge...
so you can get this training for FREE!

The seats for this exclusive training are filling up
fast, so make sure to grab yours today before
they're all gone

Like I said...IT'S YOUR TURN!

Time to take the reins and go where YOU want
to go!

So unless you're where you want to be...making all the
money you want to and living the lifestyle that you've
always dreamed of...

This is one training you definitely want to attend

Even if you do NOTHING ELSE for your business this

It will change your business...and your life

Register here

I'll be there...WITH my notebook


P.S. & BTW  The rumors are true. Diane can barely run
her own computer. So if she can do it, why not you? 
The training is FREE, so what you got to lose except
the struggle??

Register Now

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