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Network Marketing PDF

Network Marketing PDF

Want a network marketing PDF that gives you the step-by-step network marketing secrets and strategies you need to build a thriving marketing business on the internet? Let me be more specific.

How would you like to get your hands on a daily activities worksheet PDF that keeps you focused and on-track, revealing a list of the exact tasks you need to accomplish each day to create a successful online business that generates an endless stream of leads and income? Keep reading and I will tell you what's included in this PDF and where you can grab your copy.

There are 2 main ways to build a successful online business - either through sponsored advertisement (paid ads) or by organic (free) content that gives away beneficial information to the target audience.

Statistics show that the free informational content has a CTR (click-through-rate) of 70% vs. paid advertisements with a CTR of 30%.

Based on these statistics it just makes smart business sense in building your network marketing business to concentrate on daily creating and publishing valuable informational content. Creating such content will both help your target audience and brand you as an authority in the subject matter you're writing about.

To best utilize the above mentioned network marketing PDF, with its daily tasks checklist that will enable you in getting your content out all over the internet, you must first do a preliminary online set up, including the following:

1. Install a self-hosted Wordpress blog, so you have your own personalized piece of internet real estate from which to run your business. If you've already installed your Wordpress blog, make sure you have the 4 plugins that are listed below added to your Wordpress site.

2. Have 4 opt-in areas on your blog for people to type in their name and email to get a free valuable gift (such as a training or video series) you are offering them. By doing so, they get beneficial information from you and you are now growing your list of leads.

3. Add and activate the following 4 plugins onto your blog:
    XML Sitemap
- A Wordpress plugin that will get you ranking boosts from Google.
- A great plugin that lets you fill in the title, description, and keywords for each of your blog posts, which means higher search engine rankings for your content just because you took that extra minute to fill in this info.
- this plugin allows your visitors to share your valuable content all over the net - which means beneficial backlinks for you!
- Get your content posted simultaneously to 40 sites once you set up your free OnlyWire account. Tons of traffic comes from putting your content all across the internet and your search engines rankings will go up too, because your site will get seen as an authority site.
Now that your Wordpress blog is set up and ready to go, it's time for you to start checking-off your tasks in your daily activities worksheet PDF.
Activities such as:

  • · Writing at least 1 article each day that is a minimum of 400 words long (about 1 page).
  • · Write articles on keywords that you have researched using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool that have between 400-2,000 global searches per month. (400-2,000 people monthly, across the globe, are typing in these keywords to get information on this subject.)
  • · Write 4 articles using relevant (to your audience) and related keywords that fit the above searches criteria (example: "Network Marketing Online"," Network Marketing Strategies", "What is Network Marketing", "Your First Year In Network Marketing")
  • · Keyword link each article to the other 3 articles.
  • · Publish 2 of the articles on your website
  • · Publish the other 2 articles on an article directory site such as or
  • · Now use the OnlyWire plugin on your blog to syndicate your articles to 40 sites on the internet at 1-click of the mouse for multiple backlinks that will bring your content Google-blessings and boost your search engine rankings (this translates into more traffic for your business).
  • · Post your content numerous times to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites for more multiple backlinks.

This is just some of the activities you will find in the network marketing PDF. At first all this may seem like a lot. But within a couple of weeks of doing this work on a daily basis, you'll have it all down to a science and it will be just a couple of hours of work per day to create a thriving online business and long-term financial security.

Don't settle! Get all the network marketing ideas, tools, tips and strategic techniques you need to generate an endless stream of leads, customers and income through the WorldWide Partnership Internet marketing training system.

Putting into play the network marketing secrets revealed in WorldWide Partnership's Free 3-day video course, "The Secrets Behind Social Media", you can create your own online marketing business success story and become part of the elite 3% online top earners.


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