How to Find Good Google Adwords Keywords

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Google Adwords can be an awesome source of fresh, targeted leads but you need to know what you're doing. The first step to Google Adwords/PPC success is to build up a list of relevant keywords. Here are some ideas for coming up with keywords.

Keyword Tools: Keyword tools can save you a lot of time finding keywords. Simply type in some keywords and the keyword tool will come up with related keywords. Good keyword tools are the Google Keyword Tool, & Market Samurai.

Brand Names/Companies: People are going to be searching for brand names in your industry which make them a great source of keywords. If you're in network marketing like me, a good source is and

Books: Go to your local bookstore or an online bookstore such as Amazon and go through books that are related to your industry. Both the name of the book and the Author(s) of the book are potential keywords.

Other Products: This can be any other products related to your industry whether they be physical or digital. Again, Amazon is a good place to look but also try or even ebay.

Gmail: Chances are that you are signed up to many online newsletters and email lists that are related to your industry. Also, when you are reading an email, ads that are related to it will display above the email which could also lead to a source of keywords.

Industry Websites: Not only can the websites themselves be great keywords, but you will be able to find tons of other stuff on these websites that could become keywords. & are both good resources for websites. This website just feels to much like cheating :). You know those industry websites? Put them into and it will show you what keywords those websites are using. You can also use this for competitor websites.

Industry Magazines: Similar to industry websites. There will be tons of websites and products listed in these magazines that you can use for keywords. The big difference is your competitors probably haven't thought of looking in a magazine for keyword ideas.

Gurus/Leaders: People like to know who the best are and find more about them. Take advantage of this and include them in your list of keywords.

Search Engines: And finally we have search engines such as google itself. With the keywords you find from an industry magazine for example, you can research it on Google and come up with further keywords.

Final Tips

What I've listed in this article is more than enough for you to start building a large list of keywords. But if you get creative you can probably find heaps more.

Make sure you don't chuck all of your keywords into one giant list of keywords. Separate them into different categories. eg. You could have a group of keywords for "MLM Gurus" and another for "MLM Companies". This just makes it easier to sort through them when it comes time to put them into your Google Adwords Campaign.


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