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Where did my Free Keyword Tool go?

Well of course like what everybody knows by now, it has become Google's Keyword planner. But what if you don't want to sign in to Google's account all the time?
There are alternatives for a Keyword Tool you know? There are plenty of Free Seo Tools on the internet if take a closer look. Here are some interesting sources:
Free tools, who does not like that? The first one "100 Free Seo Tools" is a massive source of information. It is just too much to even begin to discuss and much would be off topic when it comes to a replacement for the old Free Google Keyword Tool.
Then the Free Keyword Tool Reviews article is worthwhile because it features OK, you need to open up an account, but you get some good info for choosing your keywords.
Another website with amazing tools is hhtp:// and quite a few of really interesting tools, try it.

My favorite Keyword Tool - Keyword Eye

Keyword eye offers a few different options related to various aspects of keyword research and competitive analysis, including:
- A keyword suggestion tool to find new keyword opportunities.
- Ability to create tag clouds full of keyword opportunities and other data visualizations that help you easily identify targets.

Free Keyword Tool
Keyword Eye - Tag Cloud

Here this is an example for the search for keyword tool - US Google. In addition you will see a pie chart visualization and a Grid View where you get the number of searches and whether the competition is high, medium or low.
This tool seems geared toward PPC advertising, so what can i say further? Check it out for yourself.
The keyword tool is part of Keyword Eye Basic which is and you upgrade if like more info. But basic version already looks pretty good to me.


Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools
Part of Front page of Small Seo Tools

The Small Seo Tools website has too much to offer even to try and describe it. If you are into SEO Tools just go there.

More Free Seo Tools - Returns Google's Top results and lists of One Word, Two Word Phrases and Three Word Phrases in descending order of importance. - Here you can check your website for back links Free up to a limit per day. - A pinger that lets you ping bulk link - Another pinger that lets you easily ping links

Why do you need a Keyword Tool Anyways?

If you create articles or sales pages it is not good enough if nobody reads it so you want to rank your content high on Google or You Tube .

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