What exactly is SocialAdr?

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How to use Social Adr

SocialAdr is a social media marketing service. It helps with the syndication of your articles and provides backlinks. The beauty is these are from a variety of human social media accounts. This all to help you boost your rankings in the search engines.

Social Adr Dashboard

First we have a view of the dashboard on the left hand half you will find a great overview of all the SocialAdr benefits. Then on right top, you will see a number of tabs. That is where it all happens. First tab is the "Bookmarks". "Bookmarks" has 4 sub tabs they are Quickshare to effortlessly and quickly share a couple of links. "Share Queue" allows you to browse 40 links to share. You pick the ones you like. Next is "Add a bookmark". Here you can list your bookmark. It has an automatic wand for autofill and you can integrate with your spinner or copy it from your spinner or you can just do a manual spin if you feel you are creative enough. Lastly "My Bookmarks" this is simply a list of your bookmarks where you can manage, edit your existing links.

Next tab is "Social Accounts". It has a "Social Wizard" tab which allows you to set up your social sites. And "edit Accounts" to make any changes.

Social Adr Save Time
Social Adr Save Time

Who really likes to set up Social Accounts? Right, NOBODY. That is why SocialAdr is offering to do it for you for a small price.

Still continuing with the dashboard tabs. Next tab is "Campaigns" these are premium services, I have never used it. The "History" tab will give you information on shared links and on how many times your links have been submitted. And divided up in all categories. Next is the "Apps" tab where you can find a WP App to allow you to submit your posts from your website. Then the "Affiliates" tab where you can do all your SocialAdr affiliate business. Lastly the "Get Credits" tab, here you go to buy credits that allow you to submit more links.

Social Adr Menu
Social Adr Menu


Finally How to use SocialAdr

The "Upgrade" sub tab will get you to a page where you'll find the above menu with all the options available to you. It goes from the Free to the paid memberships. Of course you can earn credits by sharing links. Recently I started with sharing links and found that one of the benefits is you get to browse through a lot of links. What this does is, you keep your finger on the pulse of what is out there, what gets submitted. You can use this experience to become a better submitter. And this is How to use SocialAdr.

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