How to Build a Successful User-Generated Content Strategy

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In this ever-growing world of competition in business and branding, making your services stand out is quite a task. Not only does it require you to think outside the box to attract potential buyers, but you’ll also have to constantly modify and level up your game to lead the race.

With that said, you can’t possibly do it all without including ‘user-generated content’ in your marketing. Today, 8 out of 10 businesses like Rightly Written, actively use this strategy to bring in new customers. While you may already have the best content writers, researchers, and copywriters on board, there’s no sure way to justify that your message connects with what your audience demands or desires. That’s where third-party or ‘user’-generated content creation comes into play. It ensures that with the globally evolving marketing culture, you will know that you’re using the right tactics to keep your customers interested in you.

When using user-generated content, you don’t need any research to dig what your customers want, as their own content offers real information about what they want and prefer. Also, user generated campaigns can make a brand automatically become attractive, trustworthy and influential. According to a Forrester study, 70% of people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by past customer reviews.

The question is, how to do it successfully? Here are a few easy, practical and highly effective strategy tips.

Step 1: Make Social Media Your Best Friend

The user-generated content strategy does not have a strict formula. It involves creativity and smartness to ignite users to create innovative and seductive pieces of information. The purpose is to create maximum engagement, get maximum feedback and utilize maximum input to make your business attractive and trustworthy. Social networking is the number one online activity in the USA, and more than 46% users look towards social platform before they make a buying decision.'

Be careful to analyze the platform you are going to use for your user-generated campaign, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or LinkedIn. See who your targeted audience is and learn how to lure them to connect with you on a particular network, and how to keep them engaged.

Step 2: Manage and Master the Art of Getting Feedback

Once you’re all set up to link with your customers on social platforms, you’re 100% responsible of how you present yourself, and how you’re strategizing to build a successful online community of followers. There are multiple ways to reach out to your audience, such as with:

  •        Photos

  •        Posts

  •        Promotional news (90% Twitter users follow businesses for promo codes)

  •        Q&A/forum sessions

  •        Giveaways or free gifts

  •        Event sponsorships

  •        Videos and/or GIFs

  •        Blogs

The main idea is to keep it authentic, professional and engaging. Professional social media managers, editors, graphic designers, SEO analysts, etc. can be a great investment for your user-generated content strategy to keep the needed quality-control on what’s going out and coming in on your interface.

Step 3: Instead of Just Asking, Give Users Something in Return Too!

The goal of a user-generated campaign is to managing to gather qualitative information from your customers, that you can later use in your unique promotional strategies. To get the most valuable content from your users, you need to make them feel appreciated and rewarded with something that you know they’ll like, love, share, comment on and enjoy. Always credit your users publicly, and they will love you even more for letting them achieve their online 15 minutes of fame.

One great way to generate brand influence to promote your online campaign is by strategizing your exact focus for the type of posts you’re having on each platform. For example, you can emphasize your company’s love for community service, global warming, elderly population, war, and charity. It will cue users to like you more, and contribute to your cause by connecting with you loyally.

With a well-rounded approach to your strategy, you can hike up your brand exposure to 83% and increase web traffic to 69%. Of course, there will be tight competition – but the only surefire way to make things easier for you is to keep it simple, original and hearty. Be sure to:

  1. Be impressively responsive to user queries and suggestions.

  2. Encourage users to stay active and thank them for it.

Keep it spicy, fun and suspenseful. Boring is the death bell for user-generated content strategy.


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