How To Expand Your Circle of “Influence” By Relying On Great Business Internet Training To Present Your Business Opportunity In 5 Easy Steps.

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Expanding your circle of "Influence" has to first start with great Internet Business Training which guides you to put a plan in place in order to market your business opportunity not to just anyone but to a targeted audience.

Let's say you target seekers of business opportunities and you want your opportunity to be the one that stands out over others.

So ask yourself these questions:

Would these seekers:Internet Marketing Questions

1. be concerned about the product?

2. want to learn more about the company?

3. examine the compensation plan?

4. desire to know more about the training offered?

Of course the answer is “Yes” to all of the above.

But how do you translate your internet business training into selling yourself as a leader, one they would want to join?

Doing it online is really the key to giving yourself the exposure you seek.

This is where a great internet business training program springs into action. And the beauty of it is, the attraction plan you can put in place can be done on a budget most people can afford, because the strategies presented here are free.

Creating a web of content is crucial.Web ofd content

You will be using social media marketing strategies and by linking pieces of content to each other, you will be creating a targeted approach, in other words, coming full circle. As more and more people start to trust you and your information, you will be raising your profile and widening your circle of influence.

Your first goal is to give your audience value. Something they can relate to and that will serve their needs.

The Key Is To Unite Your Content With Bookmarking!

SquidooStart with step one by creating a Squidoo lens reviewing your specific company’s impact in the news world. Has it attracted well-known personalities that are promoting the value of being a client and business owner? Include pictures of these persons and if possible, video and audio, to visually impact the reader. You are giving value as you widen the readers’ knowledge base about your company’s benefits.

You will bookmark this lens on a bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon.

HubPages Then as a step two, link your Squidoo lens to a Hubpages page and also bookmark it. This lens will explain the benefits of your company’s compensation plan. Compare your plan to other company plans and how your company’s plan surpasses or equals others of similar structure.

Ezines ArticlesAt this point, a great step three could be to write a generic Ezine article on what people should look for when deciding which marketing opportunity to join.

Various criteria apply, such as product quality, a clear explanation of the compensation plan including company growth and future plans, training tools including video, audio and opportunity events sponsored by the company and its leaders. Some rare companies even offer self-improvement seminars.

Submit your article to at least 2 or 3 “Do follow” article marketing sites but remember to edit your article in order to NOT submit duplicates. Good internet business training teaches us that duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines and can actually hurt you.

Don’t forget to bookmark it and link both your Squidoo lens and Hubpage to your Ezine article. A simple strategy here is also to have a compelling Ezine signature that links back to your lens or hub page.

Facebook Go on to step four and create a Facebook group with a targeted topic, such as losing belly fat or how to prepare meals around 600 calories or how to approach a specific market. There are numerous topics online marketing proponents face and need help with.

Target your friends’ invitations process by searching for a specific keywords within Facebook, and invite these people to join your group. Engaging your members to participate creates value and expansion.

Your Facebook page will have a backlink to your lens, hub page, your Ezine article and also to your next step.

YouTubeThe power of YouTube is not to be denied and makes a great step five progression. There are free easy video producers available that make this job a breeze. Create your own short and sweet videos describing the benefits of marketing your business opportunity online by using a specific internet business training program that teaches you step-by-step online marketing . Don’t forget to submit your videos to other sites such as Yahoo, Google, Viddler. There are literally hundreds of these sites where you can spread your word.

As in your Facebook linking strategy, you will backlink your YouTube videos to a lens, or a hub page, article or Facebook group.

Bookmarking strategyI could go on and on, but you should get the picture by now. Tying all of your content together with bookmarks and backlinking will expand your reach making you more attractive to others who are searching for answers while creating a concentrated hub of targeted content.

The above scenario covers only part one of 3 essential components that are crucial to attracting others to join you in the internet business opportunity you choose to present.

Marie Leonard

Marie Leonard is keen on creating superb health and on-going wealth providing new internet network marketers with a tried & true tool kit allowing them to "tune out the clutter" & turn their passions into profits in the fastest way possible.  

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Thanks Marie, This is Very Valuable!

Marie, you've really put it out there on this article! Very nice :)

This morning I was surfing through threads here on BN and when I came to yours and scrolled down the page before reading it, my immediate impression was that you have put TIME into it (aka: HEART). I appreciate seeing this - someone who cares :)

Thanks for contributing such valuable, high quality work to our community.


Kaitlin Rose — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 11:12am

Creating a Web


The way you put this article together really shows how powerful ones web of content can become and how easy it is to do in directing people to "you." Having the right tools to learn this are also very important.

The best part about all of these areas is that they are free. Bringing a business online doesn't have to be expensive just commitment and action. Once all this is in place just "rinse and repeat."

I look forward to part 2.

Angela James — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 2:57pm

Just Follow this plan to Success


You have done a terrific job in giving people a step by step plan to get their business, whatever it is, some great exposure on the internet. You also point out that people can do most, if not all of this themselves for free. Then if folks need help doing these things, they can just click on one of your links or contact you.

As Kaitlin says, This is really well thought out and very valuable information. Great Job.

David Carroll — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 4:06pm

Training Wheels

Good explanation of bookmarking and backlinking Marie, and you're absolutely right starting with a great internet business training program is the best way especially for newbies and non-techie types to hit the ground running.

I like to equate this to learning how to ride a bike, you start with a good set of training wheels and then once you learn how to ride it's easy to branch off into other things because you now have a solid foundation and a good sense of direction.

kevin thomas — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 4:58pm


Marie, you have done a great job visually and in word pictures and outlines giving the smart beginner solid guidelines to start internet marketing.

Certainly, the reader can see a step by step action plan that is managable. From here they can seek more training and may feel comfortable doing so with this little head start.

Pat Campbell — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 5:43pm

A Web of Content.


Great job in explaining how important it is to create a web of content. Bookmarking and backlinking are critical in making your web of content effective.

By using this strategy, you build your personal credibility and value on the internet. You are able to target the specific market you are wanting to attract.

Well done, Marie.

Scott Hubbard — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 6:11pm

Spinning a Web

Hi Marie,

Who would have thought a "web" of any kind would be a good thing. We're usually trying to get rid of them. :-)

Anyway, as your article says, having a web of content that all links together is how people find you, follow you, get to know you and finally trust you. Trust is the most important component.

Great article!! Lots of tips. Thanks!


Michelle Moseley — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 6:26pm

great article

great article

Eb Udofia — Thu, 10/29/2009 - 11:41pm

A Natural Progression

Hey Marie:

Your title captured my attention right away.

Like the others, I see the simplicity, clarity and power of what you've presented.

It all flows so naturally, with GREAT graphics to illustrate.

Yes, setting up an Internet Home Business requires some work, and consistency - but like Angela says, the pathway laid out above is all F-R-E-E.

Many thanks for sharing this.

Warmly / Peter A.

Peter Arnold — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 9:32am

Leading with Value

@ Kaitlin, thank you, leading with value is what it's all about.
@Angela, David, Pat, marketing does not have to be costly to work, not with today's available tools. Most of them are free. It's just a matter of learning which one works best for you.

@Kevin, learning to ride a bike will never be forgotten but I think that in marketing online, we sometimes have to go back to basics to refresh our knowledge and then apply what we have learned.

@Scott & Michelle, it starts and ends with "you inc" if you want your circle of influence to expand. That's why great content is "King".

Thank you all for our encouraging words.

Marie Leonard — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 11:02am

A Good Explanation


You have provided a very good explanation of the value in linking your content together. I can see I have some work to do. Great job and thanks for adding value!

Scott Love — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 11:16am

Blue Print to Success

It is a great road map you have painted for anyone to follow. Also your capture page captures what many go through before discovering Renegade University.

Rallie Rallis — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 11:37am



You have given great details or better yet, guidelines to the expansion of one's influence on the internet... I really enjoyed how you expounded on each step. It gives the newbie an excellent way to get started...

Thanks Marie,
Donna Wells

Donna Wells — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 4:49pm

I like the blueprint idea..

It is so much easier to follow through when you have it all mapped out. thanks for the map.

Claire Covington — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 8:12pm

Great Details

I am going to print this article and keep it near my computer. I do this stuff all day every day. Yet your article ties all the ends up into a nice little, albeit powerful, package. It's a good outline for beginners and an excellent reminder for experienced marketers.

Not only that...but one can now take this blueprint and tie it in with the Super Spindle Process developed by Synnd and the sky becomes the limit!!

Peace and Abundance,

Deborah Tutnauer — Fri, 10/30/2009 - 9:57pm

Simplicity at it's best

Great visual on how linking and bookmarking works and how to use it in your online business.
Easy enough for beginners and very helpful for more experienced internet marketers.


Dianne Thomsen — Sat, 10/31/2009 - 3:07pm

Great Stuff....

Marie - this is really great stuff! Anyone who wants to be successful online should follow your excellent outline above.

Dr. David Enders — Sun, 11/01/2009 - 12:19pm

Great Go-By

When I was in the US Navy, we had a lot of 'go-bys'. They are basically a map to follow or algorithm to follow so you have a plan or outline to follow.

This is a great 'go-by'..thanks cos I need all the help I can get!

Deborah Marsden — Sun, 11/01/2009 - 7:17pm

Refrain from Saying the Same Thing Over and Over

Very important to remind the reader that you do NOT submit the same article all over the place. I have heard time and time again from many people that they were told they could write one article and submit that article all over the place. This is so far from the truth.

If you want to do something like that, then your best bet is to change the wording in your article so it doesn't read exactly the same. By submitting the same article in many different places, the search engines will penalize you for that and all the hard work you've done is for nothing.

Thank you, Marie for bringing that tidbit of news up in this article!

LeeAnn McVey — Mon, 11/02/2009 - 12:39pm

I like having a plan

It really helps to include visuals, like others have stated, to help pull this concept together of linking everything like a web.
Having steps helps to not have this become an overwhelming concept. So often, you'll hear someone advising to just link everything together for good SEO and backlinks to your prime sites, but rarely do you see clear steps and an explanation. Thanks

Becky Joubert — Mon, 11/02/2009 - 2:02pm


These are great places to create back-links to your main site. I personally love these sites - they give the non techy people an easy way to create awesome content.


Dotty Scott — Mon, 11/02/2009 - 10:49pm