Adam Ayer's 10 Step Method to Free Leads on Facebook

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Having new leads for your business is vital, but receiving free leads on Facebook that actually are keen on you is just cool.

How many times have you checked your Facebook today? Close to 900K+ other members possibly do the same every day. So, with that many people on this social media giant, the FB governing bodies work around the clock to keep its integrity seamless as loads of marketers migrate in. So, how do you market on a website with always evolving spam blockers and mounting media competition? Scroll on and you will shortly make Facebook your marketing podium.

Your Profile
1. Make your profile inviting. Members aim to learn about YOU before anything else, so do this first. Members will check out your profile page prior to or the moment after they check out some of your advertisements... guaranteed. So do not use an avatar. Use your own beautiful mug. And smile. If your picture is inviting, your would-be leads will be more apt to connect with you. And display that you are a real alive breathing person by filling out your interests and activites. You do not want to be viewed as that guy without a personality!

2. Include links on your profile to another website showcasing your achievements... such as Flickr, your blog, even your a splash page if it's been personalized to you.

3. Include an opt-in box on the side bar of your profile page for your promotion. This is possible with certain html applications such as "Profile HTML" found within Facebook apps. though in order for this one to be functional you must have an email responder already up and running.

4. Assess your profile viewing options. It is good to make sure that at least your "friends and networks" can get hold of you. But you might want to check "Everyone" so anyone can notice you. (It's ok to be vane just this once).

The Marketing
5.  Get involved in your target market groups. A Facebook search will reveal lots of groups for whatever keyword you choose. Read the group's by-laws. And if they tolerate links, be sure to leave your signature link after any discussions or advertisements you put up. Disclaimer: If you spam on Facebook, they will delete your account while whistling dixie. And you will never hear from them again.

6. Add 10-20 new friends a day until you reach five thousand. Any of your target market groups are a great location to request friends. Wow. You already have something in common and your ego gets boosted.

7. Did you know you can start your own group? It's a cool way to get all your new-found friends together. Just remember, if you present a lot of value in your group you are more likely to keep members.

8. Answer your friends messages. It is another friendly way to network and include informative links within the reply box.

9. Update your personal status with beneficial and cool information for your friends to get involved with. All update boxes include the same reply attachment options said above along with an event attachment in case you want to advertise the grandioso Puff Daddy size party you are gonna throw for all your Facebook friends.

9 1/2. You can find the "market place" application in another Facebook search. Use it for product and business promotions.

10. Be you. If you are serious about generating free mlm leads on Facebook, you must be someone of substance. Do not forget that it is social networking and people want to connect and find out about you. And when you are yourself, others will find common ground with you. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new friend for Mafia Wars.

Take action on these ten Facebook strategies right away and promptly start generating a consistent flow of fresh mlm leads for free that will without doubt turn into lifelong customers and friends.

Adam Ayer is a lead generation expert specializing in free online marketing methods such as the one found in this article How To Get Free Leads on Facebook That Love & Adore You showing network marketers how to recruit distributors at will into their own mlm by studying the powerful strategies found at Not Your Parents MLM

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