Mixing Facebook Business With Facebook Pleasures!

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Do ALL people really appreciate the tools of the 'facebook' trade?

Should we draw a big bold line in the sand between business and pleasure?

Oh the etiquette how does one stay on top of it all?

Perhaps some simple effective training a good place to start.

The new era of information is fast changing around us and with all new things,

changes are bound to quickly confuse, disrupt and well...'change'

the way people view life and 'etiquette.


What Was Never Ok May Actually Be Ok Now! 

If you consider the things that are ok to speak about "nowadays" 

with our children, in public, and in general public forum, it’s easy to 

relate to how one person may be offended by something and another

completely unphased...


Recently I posted pictures on my wall, as I do from time to time and I 

wanted to share it with people who I thought would get a smile or 

appreciation from them as I would...so I went to town using the 'tag'



Your business online! 

Now in business circles this isn't an inappropriate activity in order to 

generate comments and likes and generally 'be noticed' so that your

valuable content will spread further afield.


Perhaps it's mainly those that use this feature daily with business that

understand its use as a tool and THAT may be where the fuzziness lay

in the etiquette of 'sharing'. 


To use this feature in a 'non-business' manner, and simply a 'social'

manner is still useful, however its acceptability may be where the

fuzziness lay.  People still share funny pictures and quotes this way...


I don't know, I would have thought that facebook users would of

evolved with time on this one as well.  


However, as with all Social Media, the correct etiquette online has

always been and still is 'Social'...


Courtesy and common sense prevails...


Relationship first and above all else this is what matters. 


Turn up to the party and take interest in others, share stories, share

experiences, and don't always be about yourself...


there are other people attending the party and it's nice to give them

the time of day as well.


(You'll find if you do give others the time of day then they will take 

the time and effort to come poking around at your 'facebook home' 

to see what you've been up to and get involved with you too!)


When it comes to business matters, it’s always good to make sure you 

are clear that you are putting on your business cap....or always brand

Yourself who 'does' business online anyway?


As with any venture, you need to have a relationship established first.


It'd be plain rude to walk into someone's house and start talking about

your latest venture without them being the slightest bit interested...


Posting on walls about business ventures is just as rude...ala spam!


As far as drawing a line in the sand about when you separate the two, 

it all comes back to the relationships you're building...


As with your offline relationships, some people know you in certain 

capacity and other people know you in a completely different capacity, 

based on the relationship you build with them!  (I would argue that 

there shouldn't be a difference...but that is an article for another day)


It's when you're using the 'facebook' features and mix up these features 

that the lines may be fuzzy, to those that are not in the know perhaps...


As was the 'excited' and not entirely inappropriate fashion of my "beach

breakfast photo share expedition!"


So Can You Really Mix Facebook Business With Pleasure?

The lesson at the end of the day is to have a relationship, that way when 

it seems that the line has become fuzzy and you're Facebook friends and audience

are 'overtly' tagged, they'll either not be bothered, or graciously forgive you

and continue to like you anyways - because you took the time to build a relationship!

This is much better result than to be completely 'unfriended' and branded as a 



For a greater understanding of how facebook does help you build

relationships for your business click here for free training.


Make a point to connect with me over at facebook or over at my blog


See you round the social networks parties!



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