The Power of Blog Commenting for Traffic, Engagement and Leads

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Years ago, when I first began marketing online, the main method for social networking and engagement was forums. This was in the infancy of Twitter, when Facebook was still making the rounds of college dorms.

Then came SEO, and it was so very easy back then. Fill your content with easily researched key words and create lots and lots of backlinks with blog comments. Add in social bookmarking and the world was your oyster. It worked!!

When Google hit the world with Penguin and Panda the pendulum swung.. All of a sudden blog commenting was perceived as a big "No No"!!. And indeed it was, if the comments were designed purely as a backlinking strategy.  But when people stopped commenting they also lost a huge and wonderful method of building community and engagement as well as increasing traffic and of course conversions and leads.

Today, most blogs have their comments set up to be "no-follow" so backlinks are hard to get and not the reason for comments. There are still high PR sites in which you can create "do-follow" backlinks from your comments, but again, this method is for something far different.

We have come far from the early days of internet marketing. Consumers are savvy. People are flooded with connections and information, yet real community and relationships of depth are lacking. Enter, blog commenting for the new internet.

I recently decided to shift  a portion of my marketing time and energy to blog commenting in a new manner. Serious bloggers are creating powerful organic tribes, resulting in huge business benefits and referrals. In the past four months of utilizing blog commenting in this new manner I have experienced a doubling of my blog traffic and a 500% increase in engagement on blog posts. I've made an entire new group of connections with facsinating entrepreneurs around the globe and have experienced large growth in my opt-ins and blog subscribers.

All this results in community development which has led to new entrepreneur coaching clients and a number of exciting speaking engagements this coming spring (2015).

What exactly am I doing, you might be asking. It's simple. There is no cost but time. I researched bloggers in my niche with a good following and began to consistently read their posts and comment. Ideally I comment on at least 10 blogs per week. Some of my serious blogger friends do 25 or more.

I use a comment plugin that facilitates engagement  and helps readers also engage with me when I comment on other blogs. I make sure to also write a blog post at least once per week and tend to aim for over 750 words. These days serious bloggers are writing 1000 + word posts. Whenever I write a post, I send it out to my subscribers. I then go about my own blog commenting, letting the plug in and other platforms inform readers of my latest post too.

Daily I approve and reply to all comments on my own blog, thus facilitating ongoing conversations and engagement.

The energy related to blog commenting once you build your community is wonderful. Well written blog posts are evergreen content. Compared to a tweet, or a FB post which are so very short lived, the efforts of blogging and blog commenting pay dividends over a long time. I hope you decide to try this in your own marketing niche. Let me know how it goes for you!


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