System Shenanigans: Values-Based Business Practices?

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System Shenanigans!

A few days ago I was snooping around on my friend's blog and I’ll be honest the first thing that caught my eye was the eye-popping photo! GEEZ Louise!

Photos are so captivating and can encapsulate several messages in a space filled with just a few pixels.

But this post is not at all about the power of images, and the photo has nothing to do with the content of this post. 

Some might say it’s about Needs, Greed, Fads, Mass Confusion – Cognitive Dissonance, and even Systems. Yes, systems! 

Not necessarily the kind that your 2-year-old uses on you every morning which gets you bent out of shape or even genius Einstein's E=mc², but more so the type that HELPS and for some HINDERS the development of businesses that use online marketing practices.

This post is actually a response or comment to my friend, Shelly Allen’s post (go might want to go check it out to get a sense of what prompted my reaction & of course the photo... PRICELESS)!

To an extent I agreed with her but at the same time I didn’t and thus my brain went on overdrive and I posted this little bitty…

“Indeed Shelly…”NOTHING can take the place of a REAL TIME, personal relationship with a person.” Yet there is something to be said about also creating additional ways so that you can continue your conversation with people. With that said, it still depends on the “system” of choice, the MOTIVE behind using such types of automated resources, and ultimately how you use it.

Currently there is a SHIFT in the way the marketplace views automation. It used to be a great leverage tool and to an extent it still can be a good tool. Yet, the meaning behind its use has gotten to be a SORE spot for people who want more human connection and those that have had less than ideal interactions with the human behind the machine.

Automation to an extent represents a distant, mechanical interaction with an out of touch person. There are ways to humanize it but how it’s done and whether it’s done is a sort of different kind of BEAST. Nowadays people want to know you CARE and are transparent. Read Gary Vaynerchuk’s books, Crush It and The Thank You Economy, to get a good sense of the trend that’s being noted. Systems that are automated spark lots of questions. Gary proposes more focus on caring for your customers by way of humanizing the interaction. It’s going back to our grandparents’ era of how business was done.

Whether you use a pre-fabricated system or one that you’ve created to fit your needs, the question remains, and I believe it’s what you suggested in your post,…. Have you really thought about your true INTENTION for using such systems? Does it fit your personal needs? And is it in tune with what you value, and the value that you propose that you’re providing to your customers?

Ultimately nothing is automated because you still need to INSERT the human element in the mix to get the machine started and keep it rolling. We all use systems. The key is to know your reasons for using ‘a system’ and to be aware how it fits with your value and the VALUE that you want to offer the marketplace.”


Are the systems being used based on Need, Greed, or Confusion stemming from the Herd-Mentality?

Leave your comment below.

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