The Secret To Ranking On The Google Front Page For ANY Keyword

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So, the Google front page is where you want to be...

...First, you must understand the mechanics of how Google ranks its content. Then you can delve into content optimization to be more attractive to the Google taste. And last you will find out how to make your content become more popular than a high school prom queen. In next to no time, my friend, you will be capable of applying these pieces to rank first on Google and drive more traffic to your site than you thought humanly feasible.


First, you must understand how any content gets picked worthy of being on the Google front page.
1) Backlinks
Taken directly from top Google engineer Matt Cutts, "PageRank evaluates two things: how many links there are to a web page from other pages, and the quality of the linking sites." In other words, the more links to your content from outer sites as well as the reputation of those outer sources influences how elevated in the ranks your content gets pushed. A prestigious website connecting to your content has more sway than five unpopular sites.
2) Keywords and Relevancy
The keyword or keyword phrase that is being huntted for is another important governing aspect. To see if they match a search query, Google checks the piece of content for that specific keyword. Therefore, Google assigns higher ranking priority to content including a keyword more times than other content including that same keyword fewer times.
Google is one enormous scanning engine. Google takes the submitted keyword being searched for and scans millions of pieces of content in chorus from top to bottom. It then chooses the ones with the majority of that keyword, as well as any relevant words close to that keyword, and the amount of linkbacks from other sites, and it ranks them on the first page.


So, here is how you optimize your content for the Google front page.
1. Start with arranging content around your keyword and keyword phrase. Adding in the keyword every 5 to 6 sentences is a sound rule of thumb to go by.
As I mentioned previously, Google scans from the top.
2. The title of your content, the description box and the meta tags should include your keyword.
3. You also would like the keyword and keyword phrase in the URL address of your primary published content (know as the permalink). It may look like this **
Having the keyword in any anchor texts or hyperlinks will dramatically heighten search results. That’s correct! I’m providing ya all the cool little tidbit secrets.

Now you want to get as many linkbacks as possible connecting to your content after you have optimized it. Here's how we get your content elected prom queen.
Submit as many mixed forms of your original piece as possible to as many various directories as possible.
***Muy Importante! Contain a link from these “new” pieces of content back to your original. By doing this, you are telling Google that this original piece of content you have so decently rewarded the world with is so important that all these "other" sites are linking to it. And if all of them believe it is popular, it must be. And it is pushed to the top of the Google front page as your reward for being so popular. (Shallow, I know.)

Now you may be thinking it a fairly overwhelming task turning one piece of content into hundreds, and then submitting them all to so many directories. Fair enough. But there are several programs that exist for just this kind of assignment. And there are fewer still that are not only worth their salt, but over deliver. If that kind of info gets you as excited as it does me… If you feel that getting your content listed in the top few spots on the Google front page could extensively fill your site with traffic…, check out the links below to see the only directory submission programs I vouch for and how to really put it all together.

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