Top Tips When You Are Using Ecover Creator To Create Your E-book Cover

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As a book writer you must also understand the value of the book cover. It doesn’t matter whether you want your book to be published on paper or on internet, a book cover is needed in both cases. However, people like to take the route of internet to publish their books these days for many invaluable benefits. One of the biggest benefits of creating an online book is cost – you save a lot of money on publishing when you publish your book online. When you need help on how to create your e-book cover with an e-cover creator, here are the top tips for you to look at.

Top Tips When Using E-Cover Creator

  • Make sure you choose the right e-cover creator with lots of options for you to use. There should be hundreds of templates and dozens of ways to customize your e-cover.
  • By using the free e-cover creators available on many websites you can save a lot of money. If you are not looking for a detailed and fancy looking cover you can use the online free creators easily.
  • Let a designer friend sit by your side so he/she can give you suggestions on how to use the colors, fonts, scripts and contrasts.
  • Be sure that you understand the value of connecting your e-cover with the matter in the book. Furthermore, the e-cover should also be appealing to the public so use the most acceptable colors.
  • Your e-cover will be mostly seen in the form of a thumbnail. Go on websites such as Amazon to see how the covers of the books look on them. Make sure that your e-cover looks just as great in the thumbnail size as it looks in its original size.
  • The images on your e-cover should be attractive and attention grabbing. You can upload your own images to put them on your e-cover. Many online free e-cover creators allow you to upload the images stored on your computer.
  • Don’t keep your entire focus on the image. The text written on your e-cover is just as important as the image. The text you write should be written to develop interest in people to read your book. It should be concise and short introduction but an attractive one.
  • While creating your e-cover yourself, don’t forget the importance of the size of your font. You have to use the title, subtitle and body text on the cover as well. Make sure that your title is written big enough that people are able to read it on the thumbnail as well. Make it prominent by writing it in a different color than its background. Make it bold and use shadows to increase its visibility.
  • Show your cover to your friends, family and people in your surroundings. It is a good idea to post your cover’s sample on your social networking account and get feedback from neutral people.

With these simple tips and the courage to succeed, you should be able to have your book and writing talent recognized online very soon. Lastly, don’t spend unnecessarily when you can get an e-cover creator for free.

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