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Getting stuck or suffering from a sense of paralysis is a fact for many business owners who decide to use video as part of their marketing campaigns. But the fact of the matter is that you have a free will to change.

There’s a simple yet super effective strategy used by psychologists to help shift your viewpoint and get you into action mode. It all starts with engaging in a form of self-analysis by using a method that only humans have been granted and that is detachment with a hint of humor.

What’s that?

Well, here’s the story. Some of you are creating videos because you’ve heard that’s what you need to do to get noticed. Others do it because they really like that medium and thrive using it to convey their message to market. Still others are convinced that this form of advertising ranks better on the web search engines and so just resort to do it. You either do it because you like it or you do it because “they” said you should.

In any case, for those who experience a dry period when creating videos, it will seem like an intense and excruciating process.

Go ahead tell me your reasons for your debacle when it comes to video creation and whatever you list it all can be dealt with by using a freedom of will perspective by way of that detachment technique I mentioned earlier.

You see “Man is not free from conditions, be they biological or psychological or sociological in nature. But he is, and always remains, free to take a stand toward these conditions; he always retains the freedom to choose his attitude toward them. [In essence] man is capable of taking a stand not only toward the world but also toward himself. Man is a being capable of reflecting on, and even rejecting, himself,” said Viktor Frankl.

If we really look at the abilities of man, you would realize that man is the only creature that is capable of detaching himself from himself. You literally can transcend the biological and psychological. In other words, the stuff that’s getting you stuck.

So what’s this technique that you can use to get you to make videos? Or whatever you think you can’t do?

It’s called “Paradoxical Intention.”

This procedure digs deep into your psyche and is able to get you to execute on a deeper level a drastic change of attitude. And the best part of it is that humor is used in the mix.

If you think about it, people who can laugh at their faults use humor to detach themselves from their ‘selves;’ they tend to rise above their situations; and in turn these same people have a continuous tendency to learn from their predicaments.

So… Can’t seem to make any videos because…

you feel stupid, don’t know what to say, you saw a video on YouTube that ripped your idea, you don’t have enough experience, your hair looks like crap, there’s a giant zit on your left cheek, the battery in your camera has no charge, your dog keeps barking because the squirrels are taunting her, you finally are outside after getting the nerve to make your first video and now it’s raining,….

Do you really want me to keep rationalizing your I CAN’Ts?!…

Here is a solution. Your objective for today is to make the worst video ever. You will notice that you’re not going to be able to do it. You’ll be surprised by the results. Yes that’s what this technique is all about and why it’s called paradoxical intention. It’s part of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy theory.

This technique is used in therapy to get people to move beyond their self-imposed barriers.  

If your self-imposed barrier is making videos because of  fill in that blank   (don’t know…go pick your rationale from my list above), then why not use this paradoxical intention technique to get you moving into action.

If anything, you’ll laugh so hard that the by-product (GASP) is a fun video, and an increase in your immune system because of all the happy hormones (endorphins) kicking in!

So… Go do the opposite of what you think you need to do with your videos and see what happens, and in the process…

Have FUN!!

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