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Not only does it belong to Google, but YouTube also packs the power of video; the combination of these two have made it a very powerful marketing tool, especially when you are a small business and can only stretch your budget so far. A YouTube video gives you the golden opportunity of reaching even more views than you could with a Super Bowl ad and the beauty is that it can do so at only a tiny fraction of the cost. But, launching a YouTube marketing campaign via your videos can also yield nothing. This is when your marketing isn’t done right. Luckily, you will find some simple secrets listed below that can bring you close to your goal of increased sales and customers for your business:

1-    Don’t waste time on fancy video production

You need to remember that this isn’t a movie trailer. You are making a YouTube video for your business and it should reflect the values of your brand. A professional touch is needed for making it stand out from videos of individuals and celebrities, but the video also has to be a bit personal and unique to appeal to the audience. Dedicate some time and effort into making a YouTube channel for your brand and add some distinctive graphics.

2-    Don’t get lost in fantasies of viral videos

There are very miniscule odds of a video going viral nowadays and even if you do manage to achieve this goal, it may not eventually work out. This is due to the fact that page views for a video that has gone viral don’t necessarily translate into visits to the website or purchases.

3-    Ask your customers to post videos about your products

Instead of posting any video yourself, it may be more effective if you could talk your customers into posting a video about your business, product or service. How can you do this? You obviously need to do some research, but it is not immensely difficult to find customers who are using your products and posting comments or videos about them. You can just use them to your advantage.

4-    Avoid delving into traditional marketing

You shouldn’t, for even a second, forget that YouTube marketing is not the same as other forms of marketing. Your YouTube visitors don’t have a well of patience and they simply cannot put up with videos that are just rambling off about a product. You may think you are getting a lot of views, but a lot of people are simply going to close your video in a couple of seconds. Rather than including a long diatribe, you should make it short, to the point and do it in a different and fun way to make it worth watching.

5-    Speed up the process

Again, viral videos aren’t a thing anymore and they aren’t as effective either. It is a good idea to buy YouTube views because this speeds up the process of you building an audience and can get you the exposure your business needs for reaching out to customers. 


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