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"Through wisdom is an house builded...and by knowledge shall...be filled with all precious and pleasant riches."   Proverbs 24: 3-4

A revealing conversation.

I spoke to a friend the other day.  Another MLM person who is full of belief for his product and company and full of desire and commitment to make it happen.  Most importantly he's in ACTION every day.  In fact...he abruptly ended our phone call when one of his prospects was calling in to sign up for his business.

I'll share that I'm not particularly interested in becoming a guru or being singled out on the stage.  For me, it's all about the lifestyle that is a consequence of the money.  I recruit because I know the business can do for others what it is doing for me.  I mentor because I believe that the universe will give back for a selfless effort.

My friend is the same way.  He wants the lifestyle that comes from the freedom that comes from the money.  

And he knows that the Multi-Level company he's in will allow him to realize that desire.

He has been on the stage a few times.  Featured in webinars for his system as a "Rockstar" and held up as an example over and over.  He has built an enviable retail business and a steadily growing organization and is generating several thousand dollars a month.

And he's about to lose everything.

The people that flock to our business, network marketing, online marketing, MLM, whatever you want to call it, come in three basic flavors:

  • Destitute and desperate
  • Barely surviving and seeing their fuse run out
  • Doing OK but wanting out of the rat-race

My friend was in class three: Doing OK but wanting out of the rat-race.  He had a steady job as a manager, $20,000 in the bank.  Nice home.  Beautiful wife. Sweet kids.

In the system he is in, the leaders have figured out "about what it takes" to get to the pinnacle income and have laid out the "fast", "faster" and "fastest" plans.  Of course...we all want the "fastest" plan to that Double Diamond, Pres. Team, Elite Earner, Senior Director (or whatever) status.

His system promotes a Circle of Influence program.  Yawn.  But it's larger focus is on cold market.  They promote placing media ads that drive calls to a replicated website to generate leads and they promote buying leads.  They even have special, super qualified leads that can be purchased for an embarrassingly high price.

And all of this works...if you don't go broke buying leads before you find the two that find the two that find the two...

I'm not railing on his system.  Like I said, it works.  There's a lot of friggin' collateral damage, but if everything, and I mean EVERYTHING falls into place, then your $5000 monthly marketing plan that will get you to Top Of The Heap income in a couple of years will be self funding.

But what if it doesn't work?  What if you "invest" and the ROI isn't' there?  What if the first 50 or 100 you recruit and mediocre or part of the 97% who quit?

Now...here's where I'm going with this.  When my friend was recruited, he wasn't asked how much he had to invest in his business.  At no point did my friend's up-line or the other leaders in his group even sit him down and talk to him about his budget.  They didn't figure out what my friend could "invest" (meaning, risk) to grow his business.  They said "Here's out three plans that are BASED ON WHAT WE'VE SEEN IN THE PAST.  Which one do you want?"

Whether you are going to take upon you the mantle of "Guru" or you are just trying to recruit a down-line, you have a moral obligation to BE A FRIGGIN' MENTOR.  

Remember those three categories?  The "Doing OK but wanting out of the rat-race" is a very, very small portion of who will come to you.  Most are destitute or about to implode.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Some of the greatest performers and leaders of business come from those circumstances.

What isn't OK is to candy-coat what it will take to find success or how fast it will happen.  If you are genuinely interested in the person you are mentoring, be damn sure where they are and that they understand what RISK means when it comes to marketing.

If you are more worried about scaring them away than being a true mentor then shame on you.

My friend's story has a happy ending.  He's super-sharp and, as all of us should do, sought even more mentoring.  He found a coach who started by looking at his obligations and income and figuring out what he could "invest" in his business each month.  He is turning his ship around.

I smiled when he told me that he called his up-line and told him that he was pulling out of the "system" (not his company-but the marketing system within the company) and his up-line was REPENTANT.  They committed to have that conversation with future recruits and to never be an accomplice in this type of thing again.

Regardless whether you want to be a world-famous rockstar or just build your organization, be a leader and a mentor first.

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