Where Can I Upload My Videos Other Than YouTube

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Question: Where can I upload my videos other than YouTube?

Other Sites To Upload Videos


When I first started blogging and was taught that I needed to start making videos I only knew of one place to upload them... YouTube. I'm not much of a video watcher so I just didn't know and no one told me that there were other places where my videos could get exposure. And exposure is what we are all looking for, right?? :) So, it was off to Google land and what did I find? Well, there are, in fact, several sites that some people say are even better than YouTube to upload videos! For instance, the very best article that I found was written by Josh Lowensohn called, YouTube sucks: 4 sites that do video better. In it he writes:

YouTube may be the best-known mainstream video-hosting site on the Web, but it's certainly not winning any awards for the visual quality of its content. YouTube's creators have said higher-resolution videos are on the way, but until then, there are a handful of other services that do a much better job at making your uploaded video look a little less Webby.   ...read more

Videos: #1 platform in internet marketing

After reading Josh's article what did I do?, I immediately opened up accounts with the video sites that I didn't already have an account with! And so should you! Video is the #1 network marketing platform right now. If you want to get your business seen, start doing videos! With videos added to your blogging regime, your traffic will be limitless! How? If you need to know a little more on how to tie the two together for a winning combination, just contact me and I will definitely get back with you. If you are needing a blogging platform, one of the very best is an Empower Network site driven by WordPress. Why Empower Network? Because they already rank so high on Google! Half the battle is won. The rest is up to you with your social networking and linking (and yes, I can help you with that, too. Just contact me). If you are looking to get into the network marketing business, if you are wanting to make an income with the videos you make, and if you want to tell people about your videos through blogging, then click here and I'll send you a free video on how to get started. Plus, you can always contact me as well. I am here to help you. So, go on, click on the link, get the video, watch it, and then watch your life change! :)  


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