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Brain Fuel Plus REVIEWS



Is Brain Fuel Plus a Fad or a Scam!

The first thing we really need to know is does the brain really need nutrition like the rest of the body? Well I think you would know the answer which should be obvious and that is YES because the body parts will never be able to function without the brain. The brain is an organ that serves as the centre of the nervous system, in fact the brain is the most complex organ in your whole body. I have always been fascinated with the Marvel of our brain so when it came to reviewing brain fuel plus I must say I enjoyed researching this subject because I came across some very interesting truths about brain nutrition, in my findings I came across a health survey which took place in Britain UK this involved 22,000 people here's what I found:

  • 76% of people are often tired
  • 58% suffer from mood swings
  • 52% felt apathetic and unmotivated
  • 50% suffer from anxiety
  • 47% have difficulty sleeping
  • 43% have poor memories or difficulty concentrating
  • 42% suffer from depression

All of these symptoms mentioned are connected with the brain, so the question is can these symptoms be treated effectively? This is where brain fuel plus should come in.

Brain Fuel Plus can help:

  • support cognitive function
  • support a healthy memory
  • help your body cope with stress anxiety
  • help promote a positive mind and mood
  • help promote better sleep
  • supports focus and mental clarity
  • help find free radical damage
  • much more




  Sheila Ann Larmie Good Morning from Southern Maine~~ I am so thankful for a night of peaceful sleep and rest after taking my first dose of Brain Abundance. Upon awakening; I am rested and ready to start my day. My energy level, clarity of mind and thought process is amazing! I feel relaxed and calm as well. Thank you to Joe Dickinson for introducing me to BA and to all the leaders who connected with me from this group. And of course to Eric Caprarese and Dr. Behrouzi for Brain Abundance! Have a positive mindful day!

Debbie Newman::: Took my first 3 capsules this morning, now I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cleaned out my daughters storage and garage OMG Feel great! Even went through some major stress this morning and breezed through it. Not hungry at all just craving water like crazy. Now if I can sleep it will be absolutely perfect I feel pretty amped up but still 5 or 6 hours till bed............ Now I am excited !!!!!!!!

Randy Hewitt:: Well I've been taking Brain fuel for 3 full days now. I don't have any problems because I take natural supplements for any ailments I notice so I didn't have any thing to notice improvement in. However, I have noticed that I have slept like a log for the last 3 nights. I don't sleep long because I don't need to but I am sleeping much more deeply than I did before. Of course, knowing I have an additional residual income stream coming in doesn't hurt either.  

Monica Pecot::: I'm excited about brain fuel plus. And, did you know that many of the ingredients are known to help with weight loss? It's like getting two products in one.

David Drew::: I took Brain Fuel Plus for the first time yesterday and didn't feel much of a difference but then I slept great. I took it again this morning at breakfast and today I am more focused and energetic than I have been in years. So far, so good! Ivo Celi Rojas::: Finally tried them today!!! I work about 100 hours a week and I haven't feel like this in sooo long, excited to see how they do over a long period of time. Loving it and looking forward to work 100 hours in brain abundance alone!

Chris Oulahan's photo::: Update on this amazing product Brain Fuel Plus. Thanks to Eric giving me a bottle one week ago, I had a chance to get a jump start on using it for a whole week. My other bottles arrived yesterday Friday. Here is my experience. The first day... Eric gave me the BFP, I had a nagging headache all day. We met for lunch and after I got home, I decided I needed to take Ibuprofen for my headache. As I reached for the bottle I suddenly realized I had the BFP in my pocket and decided to take 3 capsules of it instead of the the Ibuprofen. To my surprise my headache was gone in 20 minutes. During the week I noticed several things. First, I had energy, but no anxiety or stress to get things done. I was more focused, more clear headed. I have had a couple things hit me this week which would have caused me a huge amount of stress, but instead I was even tempered and more calm. The last thing I noticed was my sleep. I have been getting a deeper sleep and waking up clear headed and with energy. So there you have it. I am on my 8th day now and will update you in another week. Brain Fuel Plus is awesome! My 5 core elements for best MLM business opportunity - Great approachable experienced CEO - No setup required system without extra fees - Worldwide - Narrow comp plan for best spillover.. no monthly volume flushout... - Product that keeps me calm and focused.. something that I can share with everybody!

Peggy Moore LaBouve's status::: To our Brain Abundance Group: Johnny took Tyler for his checkup today. I printed off all the ingredients in Brain Fuel along with a copy of the label. He gave his wholehearted approval for us to give it to Tyler in hopes we can back off some on the ADHD meds. Always get your Dr.'s approval before giving it to a child, but it was really encouraging for him to approve it without reservation. We will see if it helps. Rob Todd::: Focused with Brain fuel plus. Product's like this will make us all wealth and greater health. 2014 is ripe for those who take action. I noticed mentally changes right away. Everything looks brighter and more details visually. Looking forward to product for myself and helping others! Jordan Lorraine's::: Wow Im really blown away! this is day 2 with my Brain Fuel Plus And I feel happier, clear headed, stress free i feel like i actually got some real sleep! Im so... happy Ill be taking this for life... because theres nothing sexier than a brain that actually works and a happy stress free woman! Thank You Brain Abundance! Louann

VanScoyk-Gilkey::: Sleep - I slept great last night. Today I noticed working out I was deep into my muscles and I could feel more heat, wondering if fat was burning at a higher temp. Will let you know as I am keeping track of my weight and measurements. hmmmm Eric Caprarese::: Eric Caprarese ... Just got off phone with HUGE Professional body builder..he can feel the slightest changes in his body...and HE IS PUMPED!!!!! HE FEELS GREAT FIRST DAY! You will see and hear more from him later. Larry and Gary Lane::: After a few hours of taking the Brain Fuel. Myself and My brother Both Noticed our Minds were clear! We also got right on a airplane where we both always have a lot of Pressure build up, and neither one of us had that on either flight. We are both very excited to see what happens after a week and this amazing product is truly in our system!! MORE WILL BE POSTED SOON!!



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